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Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Did you make the observation yesterday? If you did, you saw that we are surrounded by lies, by false offers to satisfy the longing in our soul. Every person has a longing for JOY, and PEACE, and PURPOSE, and even FORGIVENESS.

God made us with these longings. He made us with a NEED for these things that we long for. It is by His GRACE that each one of the longings is even there. 

And then, He steps in and applies even MORE grace. Through the work of Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit, we come to see TRUTH and we are SAVED. We see the lies for the useless things that they are and are ENAMORED with God Himself. Maybe you haven't been there yet, ask me and I'll tell you more!

We are saved so that our JOURNEY of SHARING the truth might begin.

LOOKING is important because if we aren't SEEING God's majesty, we cannot point it out to others. 

LISTENING is important because if we aren't HEARING God's truth, we cannot speak it to others. 

ND Wilson encourages Christians to be storytellers....Storytellers who use, not necessarily written words, but lives LIVED to tell the story that saved them. We TALK about the Gospel A LOT as Christians. We need to make sure that our lives line up. We need to make sure that we are not living a LIE.

The Gospel is OURS. It has saved us and by the grace of God, it continues to CHANGE us. The GOSPEL is the story we have tell.  

The Gospel is something that STRIPS every ounce of appeal from the lies, the false "good news"that is being offered to our souls. We must be about the business of helping people see the empty promises in the lies they have embraced and replace them with the beauty of God and His Word.

Think about the conversations you've had in the last week. If you're like me, most conversation is basically what I would call "story swapping". Make the story you swap, a story worth hearing.

 Think about the thoughts that go through your head as you deal with people (directly and indirectly) on any given day. You can tell who is angry and who is sad. You can tell who is living for something outside of themselves. Make the story you tell with your life a story of the good news!

God has been sharing His good news since time began. Let's join Him!

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  1. Thanks for the reminder - our words matter. Tell a story that means something. Good to think about as we are going through our days! :)


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