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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Sometimes life just calls for a good story. You know - the kind where life is described without any great mystery or conflict or real reason. That's what you'll find with Cathleen Armstrong's book "One More Last Chance".

Sure, Chris moved himself to a small town and bought up a restaurant that he aims at making his own. Then there's Sarah who moved back to that same small town after going away to college because her family and a fresh start were waiting for her. As it goes with all good stories, these main characters are each surrounded by an entourage that brings the plot the perfect amount of substance.

"One More Last Chance" is set in modern day New Mexico where Armstrong has roots of her own. From what I can tell she did a very nice job at giving her readers a taste of the southwest. You'll find yourself rooting for Chris, coming to love Carlos (the cook at his restaurant), and wanting to give Rita (the main waitress) a reminder that maybe she doesn't know everything.

Many of us will relate to Sarah. She's a family girl who decided that there really was "no place like home". We meet Sarah just as she is preparing for her first year of teaching beginning with a room full of 2nd graders. She settles back into things and begins touching the life of one special little girl long before there's even a hint that summer is over.

If you enjoy a good story with a plot that pretty much goes just as you hope it will, you should give "One More Last Chance" a chance to give you something new to read!

You can pick up a copy or learn more about the book by clicking HERE.

You should know that this book does not stand alone. It is the second book in Armstrong's "A Place to Call Home" series. The third book is due out next spring!

* I was provided with a review copy of this book by Revell. All thoughts are my own honest opinion. 

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