Thoughts for Your Weekend: Emptied Souls

Friday, May 09, 2014

I just finished another assignment in "Behold Your God". Today's lesson turned my mind to the pattern of evangelism that John the Baptist, Jesus, and Paul all had in common.

Like God before them, each of these men labored to show people the glory of God, the wickedness of sin, and the truth that their souls need one thing: to know God and hope in Him.

So often we begin there, with the end. We tell people that God has a plan for them and that He is worthy of their hope and trust.

God has been showing me that that is not the way He does it. God begins by emptying. He shows people that they are sinners, that their hopes are false, and their their treasures are actually trash. 

That is devastating.

That fit of anger you had this morning? The cost is hell because in that moment you denied God of His place on the throne.

That church you go to? That mentor you have? Those 30 years of service? Yep, they're not enough.

That beautiful family you're raising? Those investments you've successfully made? That garden you're growing? It's passing away. It won't leave you satisfied.

You fill in your own blanks...The point is, you can't fix yourself and your circumstances will never ever satisfy you. 

Once God empties a soul, He fills it.

He fills it with the blood of Jesus Christ, the work of the Holy Spirit, and the fullness of who He is.

Today is Friday. Your soul is going to be hunting this weekend. Hunting for quiet and fun and relaxation.

May we be emptied of ourselves. May we be emptied of our false hopes and our treasures that are actually trash.

May this emptiness be devastating.

May the emptying lead to be filled to overflowing with God. 

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