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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Before I begin this review I want to say one thing: 
I don't usually read historical fiction, especially when it has to do with women. 
This review is being written by someone who is picky with what historical fiction she does read.

"While Love Stirs" caught my eye because it was all about a woman in the early 1900's and her adventures in cooking. After graduating from cooking school, Charlotte Gregory ends up traveling around for a gas company in order to demonstrate their new stove. I was excited to read about her travels, lectures, and demonstrations.

Lorna Seilstad did her research! My favorites parts involved any mention of cooking that was made throughout the pages of this book.

As for the "problems" I had with it:

As with most pieces of historical fiction written for women, the love interest was front and center. In this case, Charlotte has two men vying for her attention and one man from her past whose memory is causing her to falter between the two.

Since it was the early 1900's feminism came out strong...Each woman seemed to have a point to prove. The point is still trying to be proved by many women today and quite frankly, I just find it tiring.

I was 200 pages in before I was hooked. By the time I made it to page 230, I was back to wondering if I was ever going to really get into it.

Even though this book just wasn't for me, there were a few elements that I enjoyed:

My favorite character was the widowed southern lady named Molly who was hired to be Charlotte's traveling companion. Molly has been around the block a time or two and has a southern saying fit for every occasion. She's perfect!

Charlotte's passion for cooking came through with her willingness to whip something up even at the oddest hours of the day. Hearing about what she was making and even reading some of the tips and tricks was very interesting to me.

Seilstad knows her stuff! She's just writing for a different kind of woman than I am.

If this sounds like a book for you, feel free to pick up your copy HERE

What's your favorite genre?

Has there been a book that you decided just wasn't for you?

* I was provided with a review copy of this book by Revell. All thoughts are my own honest opinion.

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