What I Learned in April

Thursday, May 15, 2014

April 28, 2014

* I learned that you CAN bake on wax paper. Apparently the rest of the world has heard about this, but it wasn't until a recipe mentioned it that my Mom and I said, "Oooooh?!?!?" Honestly, I'm still a little skeptical about this whole thing.

* I learned about growing morning glories - plant them as early as you can, they take a while to take off - then watch out, soak and file the seeds before you plant them (I didn't file mine, but I am soaking them).

* I learned that garden statues have a purpose. A lady at a nursery told my friend Shauna that she needed to give her clematis plants plenty of sun and that she needed to find a statue to keep the roots of the plant in the shade.

* Dennis showed me (and Quincey) horseradish that he had growing in his garden, dug a big on up in order to split it into two plants, and then gave us a little taste test of fresh horseradish.

* "The Culture-Wise Family" by Ted Baehr taught me that a 20 second video clip impacts 12 month olds long after they see the clip. Research shows that these infants actually reacted to toys differently based on what kinds of clips they were shown.

* A short bike ride is fun. My brother and I started going on bike rides a couple of times a week. I'm really enjoying our chats!

* Less time doing whatever = more books read! I read quite a few books in April and yet it never really seemed like I spent much time reading. Magic, I tell you.

That was April...

It also included a cooking weekend at the Ranch where things felt just like old times.

Our church hosted a man from Jews for Jesus which was so interesting. The man that came reminded me that as we minister to people we're actually only really able to work in the lives where God is already working.

April was a month where Jay dropped in every now and then just because. He'd be out for a drive, grab a coffee, and just pop in for a visit.

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  1. April sounds like it was a pretty lovely month. I had no idea garden statues had a purpose - I just assumed they were more for decoration! Learn something new everyday, I guess. :)

    PS - I tagged you in today's post, in case you'd like to play along. http://blog.stephaniecourt.com/2014/05/eleven-questions.html


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