Good Books

Thursday, May 21, 2009

This week I have enjoyed spending some time in the mornings sitting out in the sunshine on the back patio reading a wonderful book.

I'm sad to say that I'm already done with it. Through this book, Raley helped me to practically analyze my interactions with other people (especially those who are different than I am). He helped me to examine myself in such a way that shows me where I fall short.

I would recommend this book to anyone who takes Biblical evangelism seriously. This is a book that will probably change the way you pursue conversations.

I must say that not all of the topics are appropriate for younger readers. However, I appreciated the way that the author wrote about life as it is without sugar coating our actions, motivations, and perceptions.

Surrounded By Wisdom

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I love wisdom. I have always admired those people who are truly wise. I long to have a piece of the understanding that they have been blessed with.

This morning I began to ponder just how much wisdom surrounds me! I have the Word of God at my fingertips anytime I open it up and place it before my eyes. I have the ability to click links, open books, watch tapes, and discuss Biblical thinking and loving. This is just one more reminder of how great God's plan to form the Body of Christ among beleivers truly is.

I'd like to share two pieces of wisdom with you.

The first comes from my 11 year old sister. Yesterday we were at Wal-Mart. As we walked through the toy isle, we were bombarded with half dressed Barbies, Bratz, and other plastic "play things". I noticed that my sister who was walking in front of me put her head down and raised her hand so that it came between her face and the shelf. I asked her what she had done and why and she looked at me and simply said,

"Those things we just passed were not properly dressed."

This made my heart leap for joy. My sister's standard, even in her young age, is the Bible. She knows what PROPER is and desires to gaurd herself from anything less. She does not practice it let alone look upon it. My sister has not been deceived into forgetting how to blush.

The other comes from John Piper. I'll let you watch for yourself.

Please note that this version does not allow you to see all the footage. If you go to the homepage or click here you can watch it in total.

Thank You

Monday, May 11, 2009

I just wanted to thank everyone who takes the time to read my blog. I especially want to thank those of you who have left me comments!
To be honest, I love to write so much that I'd probably continue even if nobody was around to read what I've written...even so, knowing I've got readers makes it that much more enjoyable!

Here's to Being Done

Monday, May 04, 2009

As of last January, I am a student of Whitefield College. Since I got a "late" start, I decided to work through last summer so that my second year would begin in the fall. 

It was hard work. I had to say no to many trips to the pool. I did not instigate many camping trips. I did not take any of the job offers. I was officially named "the Sissy who doesn't do anything but listen to lectures and read books for school" and heard over and over again "Do you have any lectures toda...." and looked up to see that whoever asked the question assumed the answer was yes and walked off. 

Sounds absolutely terrible doesn't it? 

Well, that's just it, even with all that it wasn't. You see,  two things made it great: 

#1: By God's grace, I take the time to do this work knowing that by giving up my todays I am building better tomorrows. Not only for myself, but for my husband and the children and the grandchildren I hope the Lord blesses us with.

#2: I have a wonderful family who did a great job at extending that extra grace I desperately needed. Even with all let downs, weird meals I put together, clutter building up, and  laundry in places they never knew we had - I knew that their jokes, shoulder slumps, and sometimes even the callous remarks came not out of malice toward me but a serious longing to have me "back". 

So, to God, I thank You for strengthening me! I thank you for providing the awesome friends (you know who you are) who encouraged me, listened to my doubts and worries, and prayed for me through the highs and lows of college at home! I thank you for the resources You continue to bless me with as I seek to serve You. I pray that You would continue to strengthen me, provide for me, and guide me in this journey I've committed to live for You!

To my family, I thank you for standing by me! I thank you for supporting me! I thank you for putting on those happy faces! 

Through the last year and a half, I have accomplished much. But I take zero credit. I could have done absolutely none of it without all of those who have come alongside me in the process.

Here's to a long summer. 

Sissy's home, grab the books, the mop, the games, the tea, the car keys - it's time to get back to the way things were! 


Friday, May 01, 2009

Growing take effort.

The old saying "no pain no gain" is true about all things physical, but how much farther it goes in the spiritual realm of things!

This post is for you readers - How do YOU pursue growth in your own lives?