Mornings I Dream Of

Friday, August 30, 2013

It's Friday evening. The last Friday of August 2013! Where did the SUMMER go? I've got a meat loaf in the oven, potatoes boiling on the stove, and some green beans "marinating" in some garlic. 
I know it's been a long time since I've posted. I haven't been coming here to share my thoughts or pictures, but I have been taking the pictures and writing the words. It's been good to just go back. Back to the simple place where the words and memories are just mine. Still, I've missed this and I know I'll miss the fact that I don't have pretty posts to look back on. 
So, this morning, I did what I've been doing. I grabbed some paper and a pen and I wrote until I didn't have anything to write....

 I'm on the back patio. The sun is up and just barely beginning to take the chill out of the air. The sky is becoming a deep blue, fading slighting to a lighter shade at the horizon. It's not even eight o'clock yet, but the birds are chirping, dogs are barking, and I've heard trucks and planes heading off to do the day's work. 
I had one simple thought this morning- I've been up for several hours and yet I stayed in my room waiting for this hour to come. When things were still upstairs, I came up and began a familiar ritual of gathering and starting laundry. I love doing that "first thing". And so, doing what I love and knowing that I love it, I began to dream up my favorite mornings....
I dream of mornings where the house is quiet and still. A place of peace and joy awaits anyone who will rise to have it as their own.
 I dream of mornings where there is coffee to brew and some sort of breakfast ready to be warmed. I made a breakfast casserole Tuesday night and I've loved eating it here and there throughout the week. I think I've had it at breakfast time only this morning - but I love that it's there. 
Some mornings, I dream of baking. On Wednesday morning, that's just what I did. I made cinnamon rolls by myself for the first time. I took my time and had them ready just as my brother and sister began to stir for the day.
I dream of mornings where it's cool enough and warm enough and dry enough to begin them out on the patio. Perhaps with a book, a Bible, my breakfast, or even some paper and a pen, like today. 
And these morning that I dream of aren't about being alone - they are about being surrounded. They are  about feeling the presence of the Holy Spirit and basking in the delights that God has placed around me in this earth that He created. 

As the breeze picks up I am reminded that the quiet mornings and a quiet heart hold a peace and joy that can be shared. 

The best part about these mornings that I dream of, is that I simply have to show up. These are God's mornings and my dream is really just to join Him.