June 365

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Summer is HERE! Today we went south for some errands...We picked up a purse at Old Navy for my camera bag, Dad's gifts for June, flowers and some new roses at a new to us nursery, and finished the day off with ice cream. At home Mom and I got crafty with my sunglasses case.

Spent most of the day planting flowers. Threw together a quick dinner using cubed ham from the freezer with a brown sugar glaze, mashed potatoes, and green beans.

I cooked and cleaned like a crazy woman today to get ready for some friends to stop by. Eventually, I did relax with my family. This picture represents the fact that I haven't been able to get enough pistachios lately. This glass jar goes with me quite often.

 FUNNY STORY: I had the kitchen torn apart so that I could mop it. The screen door was open so that our kittens could get in or out. All of a sudden, there was a big commotion. I look over the counter, and there they are. They have brought a MOUSE into the house. I freak. But I realize I've got to do something about it. So, I watch until one of the kittens gets a good hold of it. I pick it up and hold its head so that the mouse stays in its mouth. I toss the kitten and the mouse outside and close the door. Then I just started laughing...At myself, at the kittens, and at the fact that there was a mouse in the house.

A rainy, warm, humid day. Day one of visiting with Alice in hospital. Crockpot dinner: pork chop fajitas. I finally learned to make guacamole!

It's still raining! A good day to be inside. Sewed a little card holder for my purse. Helping Mom at my Dad's office. Visited Alice some more. Played some board and card games.

JUNE 6 - uhoh NO pictures today....

I guess I spent too much time catching up with people for that. Alice, my Mom, some other friends, catching up on e-mails.

FUNNY STORY - A salesman came to our door with some kind of cleaning product. He was a ball of energy. Look up Kenny Brooks on YOUTUBE. He trained the salesman that came to our door. You will laugh, I promise!

Trimmed my hair today, I can't believe how long it's getting again! Made a trip to pick up some food and a card for my new camera. Had lunch at Carl's Jr. it was my first time - not bad for fast food. Found the Logos game app, fun stuff.

The sun is BACK! Talked on the phone with my brother today. Love talking with him and hearing what's up in his life. Spent some time checking on all of my flowers. Started reading Harry Potter series again, it's funny how much I have forgotten.

When you take a boy to a fabric/crafting store...He wasn't actually sleeping, just resting his eyes. We were there to pick up some fabric for a couple of projects I am going to work on. Went to a lovely garden and picked up some more plants. Had breakfast for dinner and watched a baseball movie called "In His Shoes". It's on Netflix instant play, check it out!

Today was the best Sunday - day of rest - I have had in a LONG time. The sky was blue and the sun was shining again. I had breakfast and quiet time on the patio. Still working on Tripp's "Quest For More". Dinah's kitties are getting more and more active each day. I washed this little league uniform for the very last time today.

Speaking of kittens, here are three of them, Dinah, and the tail of the fourth. Taking down this tree that is attempting to grow. Today I did some heavy cleaning and pulled out the summer decorations. It was also the day that we began the "garage makeover". Had a GREAT last game of the season. My brother showed his stuff with some awesome plays, runs, and several OUTS! It's been a good season for sure.

My Dad's birthday. Big day in the kitchen getting ready for the dinner. On The Menu: Steaks, smashed potatoes (via The Pioneer Woman), green salad, sweet tea, and coconut cream pie. Today I made the very best meringue I have ever made. Great evening with some my family and some good friends.

Spent the day in the car, at the dentist, and in the hospital. (Keep reading, they aren't related). Had an unexpected trip to the dentist. I learned how to properly pull teeth (the dentist was being goofy, having me sit right by him as he explained every move he made and why). As soon as I got home, I went to see Alice until I had to come home to fix dinner. Then I crashed after getting ready for a trip the next day.

In the car again...Here is a picture of those green wheat fields and a fallow field. This time I packed up to go visit some friends. We built a dog house, went shopping, whipped up some fried teriyaki chicken, ate ice cream, and stayed up way too late.

June 15...No pictures

I should have taken pictures, but I didn't...We finished another dog house and just hung out before it was time for me to head home that evening. Oh, we also made some awesome omelets for breakfast. Eggs, ham, spinach, red peppers, cheddar cheese, toast, and orange juice. I never take the time to do anything other than scramble my eggs so I really enjoyed this.

June 16...No pictures

Today we went to a farmer's market (I know, I know perfect picture opportunity). I did cross something off of my summer list - eating a watermelon shaved ice! It was a good day to spend in the park hanging out with my family. 

Loaded up to go visit some of my grandparents. Unfortunately, I spotted a bed at a sale that I just had to have. So, we loaded it into the van. As you can see it needs some work, but it's solid wood and basically exactly what I've been wanting. 

Outside watering plants, trimming roses, and checking on all my little spots. Inside folding laundry, listening to some new cds, and cleaning. A quiet day at home with nowhere to be and no one coming over.

Started a new project today...A bag big enough and with plenty of cushion so that my new camera can start coming with me. Loving that summer is really, really here!

Today had TWO very, very high points! The first, and "for now" high of today was going out with my sister. I love this girl. Sitting with JUST her and having the chance to talk for as long as we want about whatever comes to mind is great. The second, and "for eternity" high of today was being able to PRAY with Alice. She is a Christian and loves the Lord. But to go to God with her and see His joy come to her again is super sweet to my soul. 

Getting into a summer routine for sure...Seems like most days when I'm not on the road involve quiet time with the Lord, time in the yard, cooking, laundry, cleaning, visiting with someone, going to see Alice, and quiet evenings. This day was no different. I like these patterns! Today's picture is of a candy stash I came across. Looks like I definitely have a thing for chocolate and peanut butter.

Running errands. Put together a new outfit using clothes I have had for quite a while but never wear together. I don't actually like this picture of me very much - but it's what you get today. Starting to get tan and the freckles are coming back.

Headed to a Renaissance Fair today...These things are never as great as they sound. Definitely something different and interesting. This one involved battle chess (or something like that), music, a little bit of jousting, and a drive through an area I hadn't been to before.

Had another cook out today. This one was at someone else's house and it was a last minute thing. So, it was simply hamburgers, chips, and strawberries and ice cream. Perfect evening to sit in the yard and enjoy good friends. I came home to find that my geranium shoots which won't grow roots were attempting to bloom. Thinking I should just put them into the ground and see what happens!

FUNNY STORY: There were some neighbors a few doors down who decided to BLARE some of their music. It just so happens that they are Mexican so their music was in Spanish. I felt like I was in the melting pot of New York...You never know what you're going to get!

Got the "rose garden" done today! By the end, we were dirty, hot, and GOOFY. I had given my sister the camera to take some pictures. Then we decided to get pictures of each other. My brother and I were trying to take some pictures but he would only be a goofball. So, I joined him. Neither of us knew what the other was doing. It wasn't until I was looking through the pictures that I realized what had happened. LOVELY.

This might be my favorite picture of the month...It was raining again. Everything was wet and the colors were more extreme. The "Seeking Him" Bible study began today. I enjoyed meeting some new ladies and having a little catch up session with the ones I already knew.

Day at the water park....Need I say more?

I think this speaks for itself. I got a little too much sun at the water park yesterday. Made a stop at the store for some of this, put it on right in the store, and have continued to use it. I am not going to peel, I am not going to peel!

A Friday that I don't HAVE to go ANYWHERE!  These towels on the banister will drive me crazy by the time summer is over, but for now, it just means that summer is here. I've got a "home list" going. One item was catching up on putting this very post together. I have been listening to one of my new cds when I blog over the last couple of weeks, Flame's "Captured" album from a few years back. I have a few favorite songs by now. Maybe I'll share them with you some time!

It is the last day of June. Yesterday I was seriously thinking there was at least one week of June left! So, one of the things on my summer list is making the most out of these beautiful mornings. I love that it gets brighter earlier and there is a bit of a cool freshness to the air that isn't there as the day progresses.  I have been waking up anywhere between 4 and 5 something for weeks now. This picture shows the time that I got moving today.

Introducing...Project 365

Friday, June 29, 2012

At the end of last month, I decided to do my own version of the "picture a day" challenge. This was mostly inspired by the purchase of my new camera. The only thing is, I still  haven't taken a single picture with it.
(nearly) Everyday, I have taken a picture with my old camera, an iPod, or an iPad. Sometimes it is a picture of something that describes my day, sometimes it's just a picture that I liked. Each day I have written a SHORT "journal entry" to go with the day's picture. Occasionally I added a funny story from the day too. 

This is mainly for me, but I'm sharing it with you! These posts will happen once a month, hopefully on the last day of the month.

Tomorrow morning you will get the first installment of this little project. 
Here's to a happy weekend and another great month! 

From Four Days

Monday was a great beginning to a new week!
I had some exciting things planned for later in the week so it was a day to get some work done. 

*Put together my Summer 2012 List...It's bright, colorful, and full of all the things I hope to do before the summer is over.

*In the backyard putting in a new flower bed. We transformed our old vegetable garden into a place to grow peonies, roses and a few other pretty flowers. 

The almost finished project...

 * I spent some time taking pictures around the yard of the progress of the plants. I couldn't help but notice the shadows created by the leaves.

* Tuesday was the first day of a summer Bible study with some other ladies. I am new to the group, but I know several other people who are also taking part. I am looking forward to the next couple of months together!

*Wednesday we crossed off an item on the Summer List by going to a water park.

The blob under the green tube was being  a goof. He's a total ham, but you wouldn't know it by the pictures I took!
See,  he was just popping up out of the water as I took this one.
*Yesterday was a day to play catch up and do a little cleaning.

*The kitchen was quiet this week. No new recipes, no sweet treats. Just quick, light dinners. 


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Yesterday, a friend of mine posted one of my favorite quotes on his FB page:

"The safest road to Hell is the gradual one — the gentle slope, soft underfoot, without sudden turnings, without milestones, without signposts." 
C.S. Lewis, 'Screwtape Letters'

I have never actually read "Screwtape Letters". I have only read bits and pieces of it in articles or in quote form.

This particular piece must be one of the most quoted because it is very familiar to me.

June 25, 2012

Yesterday, as I read it, something new occurred to me.

Just as the road to hell is gradual, so is the road towards spiritual maturity. No one becomes a spiritual "giant" overnight - thinking, doing, and desiring Godly things. 

The road to glory is full of twists and turns. Yes, it is a narrow path, but it is that, A PATH. It takes time. It takes many small, godly decisions to become a godly person.

Photo credit goes to my sister!

Christian, watch yourself.

Are your days leading you on a decline towards defeat in yourself or an ascent towards victory in Christ?

Don't get me wrong. There will be hard times, days, and maybe even years. But, we are going somewhere. 

We are  becoming more like Christ. 

Let us not be fooled into thinking we are on the road to glory when in fact our moments are actually leading us silently towards destruction. 
June 25, 2012

My friend went on to point something out to me as well. He took it a step further and I love what he had to say too, 

"And thankfully God gives us landmarks and 'stones of remembrance' that we might see His faithfulness throughout the course of our lives."

The Scenic Route...The Things of Summer

Monday, June 25, 2012

I have decided that over the next couple of months, I am going to use Monday's "The Scenic Route" posts differently. Instead of telling you about my weekend, I am going to use some of theses posts to tell you about some of the things of summer that I have been enjoying so far! 

Over the last month I have enjoyed a good deal of SUMMER already!

* Iced Coffee. I have The Pioneer Woman to thank for this. 

*Sweet tea. I have living in the south to thank for this.

* Road trips to visit friends.

* I have officially put out the summer nick-knacks... The sea shells, summery candles, and red, white, and blue items are showing their faces again.

A rose from the new bushes we're adding to the yard this year.

A drug store find that has become the center of attention.

The Bible is open to Philippians 1:6

* Days in the park.

* Watermelon Icees.

* Cool mornings and HOT afternoons.

*Swim suit buying.

*Gardening. Weeding, planting, watering,  you get the idea.

A peek into one of the flower pots, blue flowers for my sister.

The craziest, prettiest flower of this year.

My effortless flowers that come back strong every year.

These make me smile.

*Laying out on the patio. Listening to podcasts, reading, visiting with whoever may be joining me.

*Wearing pretty skirts.

* Green wheat fields alongside the brown fallow fields.

*Going geocaching.

Same rose, a week later. See, I don't notice flowers again until they are GONE.

* Cooking out with friends.

*Perfectly warm, still, quiet evenings.

*Yard games - volleyball, basketball, speedminton, catch, whatever, let's do it. 
 * This porch swing....

One of my favorite spots of summer.

Everything is so GREEN and the sky is BLUE.
Summer is a time for change. A time for growing and going.

What things of summer have you been enjoyed this year?

From Four Days

Friday, June 22, 2012

Here we are again...It's Friday. 

I hate to say it, but there is a song that comes to my mind whenever I say or think, "It's Friday". Does that happen to you? I am sure you know the one...It's terrible isn't it? 


*Summer days in a small town. I love the people on the sidewalks, the sounds of lawn mowers, the packs of kids on bikes and in yards. 

* My Mom and I worked on a little project this week. Here is a sneak peak. 

Foam and Fabric. What could this be?

*I only left town ONCE.... I love going, but every now and then I just need time to slow down.

* Going on a little date with my sister. We sat on the patio of a local coffee shop and enjoyed cool summer drinks. Love this girl!

*Trying an Arnold Palmer on said date. 1/2 Lemonade 1/2 Tea in case you didn't know. I'll be having more of these!

Almost finished.

*French braiding my own hair. I have never been able to do this. I didn't go out in public - but it wasn't half bad. 

The FRONT side of the braid. Victorious! 

* Movie nights....Watched some of Emma (the one with Michael Gambon (my FAVORITE!), Johnny Lee Miller, and Romola Garai).

*Ice Cream!!! 

Moose Tracks with some warm peanut butter.

*Visiting with a friend - Alice, the one you all need to pray for - and seeing her get the joy of the Lord back during this difficult time.

*Stopping by the library and getting a couple of books to read. 

*Seeing a group of deer - they were young bucks I think - barely showing over the very green wheat fields. I wish I would have had time to pull over and get a picture of this. It was a beautiful sight. 

Finally, I just want to thank everyone who is following my blog. I love hearing from you in the form of e-mails and comments. This is what blogging is all about! 

The (not so) Scenic Route

Monday, June 18, 2012

What a weekend this has been.  

Two exciting packages came in the mail with some music and a cook book that I've had my eye on for quite a while. I went to a farmer's market, got some sun, and drank way too much lemonade at a cook out. 

Saturday evening, a friend brought over a beautiful bouquet. I have to confess I'm not a fan of flowers in the house. I don't like the way they smell or the mess that they make. Even so, I do think they're pretty. 


Some things that have been making me smile lately are:

* Time with friends - getting together and catching up is great.

* Cooking out - hamburgers, hot dogs, ribs, salads...It's the food of summer.

*The ironies of life and the things that people come up with - sometimes all you can do is LAUGH. 

*The fact that God is in control and I am His and He is mine. 

    “For you are a people holy to the LORD your God. The LORD your God has chosen you to be a people for His treasured possession, out of all the peoples who are on the face of the earth."(Deuteronomy 7:6 ESV)

This was written about the Israelites, but it is true of us today too. God chooses His people and they are what He uses to communicate His greatness to the world. We are His. We have purpose. We are chosen and set apart. 

What makes you smile?

From Four Days

Saturday, June 16, 2012

What a week this has been! I spent a good deal of time on the road this week. Lots of unexpected things came my way. I actually finished this week feeling pretty over whelmed. I did all of the important things (or I keep telling myself that I did), but there are so many things that have simply been left undone.

* A few of the things it takes to get me out the door...Saw a lot of this this week.


*Getting the garage cleaned up and rearranged. It took two days, but it's done. 

*An AWESOME last game of the season....We're talking some great plays and personal accomplishments for my brother! 

*Having some friends over for dinner. 

*Whipping up a coconut cream pie. It was gone when the evening with friends was over.

*From start to finish. It looks good enough to eat! 

*A chance to chat with my Mom as we traveled to an appointment together. 

*Going away to visit some friends for a few days. It was a quick visit, but I'm very glad that I was able to spend some time with them. 

*More time in the car by myself with countryside and  music.  

*Baking a quick batch of brownies just because. 

*Staying up late to watch movies.

*Ice cream. I don't even need to say more!

Before I hit the "publish" button, I need your help! I am looking for some good books to read. I'm leaning towards fiction, but I never shy away from biographies and autobiographies. What are some summer reads that I should look into?