Encounters in the City

Sunday, June 07, 2009

I spent my Saturday running errands and shopping in the city this weekend. We saw a lot of things, made some good purchases, had interesting conversations, and discovered a little bit more of secular humanism's influence in America.

Among the things we saw:

Two car accidents.

The providence of God - had mom rushed along like I was pushing her to do towards the end of the day, the chances are very great that we would have been around for both of them.

People who worship very different things made manifest by the way they talk, dress, and act.

Cute old people - 'nuff said.

"Corner!" at Outback Steakhouse.

Pretty scenery.

Comments among the conversations we had:

"It's not their place to judge....Everyone has a right to be who they want"

"I really admire that. It takes a special person to follow God [so religiously]."

Some amazing things about the day were the amount of things we got done...the provision of the Lord in the way of some new clothes to add to my wardrobe (with the styles of today it truly is a blessing when I pick up modest clothes that fit my figure)...mom lasted longer than I did...God gave us safe travels, good fellowship with one another, and more reasons to be thankful for the community we live in!

Looking New

Monday, June 01, 2009

As you probably noticed, I just gave my blog a fresh new look....When I checked in this morning to do a new post, I forgot that I had changed everything and actually thought that I was at a blog besides my own! I'm not sure if I like this bright new look yet. What do you all think of it?

These last few months, my family has been having the privilege of meeting and spending time with new people. We have traveled far and wide going to conferences, family retreats, meetings, etc. As someone who loves to travel I'm almost always up for some sort of trip. When new people and places are involved, I get that much more excited.

For me, these getaways have been great for a number of reasons:

- the house is clean when we leave and I have an excuse to pursue cleanly perfection

- the van is in order with the luggage area neatly packed and arranged, snacks and drinks to go around, etc.

- the Biblical teaching and discussions are such a blessing

- the new faces and old faces that eagerly wait to meet, greet, and speak with you

- the scenery between here and wherever we go is always worth seeing

- we come home feeling refreshed, often times closer together, and ready to live out loud

Why do you enjoy taking trips?