One Hundred

Friday, February 28, 2014

Can I just be honest for a minute? I've been a little bit stressed lately. The house is turned UPSIDE down and nothing is where it belongs which makes cleaning a hastle. The renovation projects are at a stand still. The PRESSING thing is finishing up this english class and THEN continuing the work on the house.

You know how it is? You keep getting distracted from the things you NEED to do by everything else that's begging for your attention.

The key to getting out of the rut is simply working on stuff. Write the papers (check), edit the papers (check), prepare the papers to be presented in speech form (not check)... :)

This song by KB (in the video above) has been repeating itself in my brain!!!

The messy house with its renovation projects, the english class, the college degree - they're all just opportunities for me to give my all and in so doing be a testimony of the all that God is for and to me!

Stress is real, but then, so is the call to give it all to Him.

He prepared the work for me to do. I do it through Him and by His strength and for His glory.

Sometimes I do it poorly, but I fight the monsters of stress, procrastination, and perfection with that truth.

Now, I can thank Reach Records for another anthem to assist me in that fight!

What are you finding yourself stressing over lately?

What's your strategy to fight the stress and get stuff done? 

Wednesdays with Washington: pt. 4

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I didn't get a very good picture of this  little "room" on the very top of Washington's house. It may have been my favorite place on the property.

"When no plan is fixed, - when directions flow from day to day, - the business becomes a mere chaos; frequently shifting, - and sometimes at a stand - for want of directions what to do, - or the manner of doing it - These occasion a waste of time, which is of more importance than is generally imagined.

Nothing can so effectually obviate the evil [of wasted time], as an established and regular course of proceeding...

Inspect the conduct of the Overseers in this particular and those also whose immediate business is to attend upon them, - with a watchful eye; - otherwise, and generally in severe weather, when attention and care is most needed, they will be most neglected... [economy] shews itself in nothing more evidently or more essentially, than in not suffering the provender to be wasted, but on the contrary, that every atom of it be used to the best advantage; - and likewise in not suffering the ploughs, harrows, and other implements of husbandry thereon, and the gears belonging to them to be unnecessarily exposed; trodden under foot, carts running over them and abused in other respects.

More good is derived from looking into the Minutiae on a Farm than strikes people at first view; and by examining the Farm yards, fences, and looking into fields - to see that nothing is within, but what are allowed to be there, produces more good, - or at least avoids more evil, oftentimes, than riding from one working party, or from one Overseer to another, generally accomplishes.

I have mentioned these things not only because they have occurred to me, and tho' apparently trifles, but because they prove far otherwise in the result. "
                                                      George Washington, 1799

This quote comes from a letter from George Washington addressed to James Anderson and dated December 10, 1799. 

* * * * * * * 

You've just read the final installment of Wednesdays with Washington. I think I've shared all of my favorite pictures of Mount Vernon, so I guess four weeks was the perfect length for this little series.

During the last week of January I began finishing up my last English class for college. The first assignment was to write and give a biographical speech on "what makes a hero". I had already prepared this speech back in 2010 or 2011 when I originally began the class...After something came up, the class, the research, and the speech were put aside...So, when I picked the class back up, I assumed that it would be best if I just started from scratch. I shared the old speech with my Mom and sister and they both agreed that I needed to give that one.

Faced with the task of editing, I decided it would be a good idea to do a bit of refresher reading. I gathered my Washington books, went online to print out letters, and settled in for several days of my favorite kind of research.

With so many really great quotes highlighted and underlined, I knew I needed to share them somewhere.

Hopefully you've enjoyed them!

Do you have a favorite person from history? 
Who are some of your heroes?  

Missing Bookmarks

Monday, February 24, 2014

During college my reading habits changed. As an education major at a Christian college, many of my classes revolved around "real books". For the first time in my life I always had a stack that I was reading at any given moment. 

My college years were spent reading and summarizing and writing paper after paper. I pretty much loved it. Even so, I wasn't reading anything extra. When I had a free moment I wanted to get outside, to interact with people; I was looking for anything that didn't involve more words on a page.

I still remember the first summer I had off. I spent so much time out on the back patio on my lawn chair reading anything and everything. I count that summer of 2009 as the summer I  realized just how much books have to offer.

College had me reading and yet it kept me from reading. College taught me to have several books going at once. College taught me how much I enjoy reading and how much I miss it when I don't do it. 

Reading is a privilege and a delight. There is something about quieting down in order to take in a story or a lesson or a memory that has been recorded. There is a certain companionship to be found in the pages of the volumes on our shelves.

My favorite place to read is outside on a warm day. The time does not matter, just give me a book and something cool to drink and I'll be content.

This post may look and sound a bit different than what you usually find here. It's a response to the prompt: "Tell about periods where you haven't read. What were you doing? When and where do you read best?" 

This post is part of the "Old Friend from Far Away" writing exercises I've decided to do. Find out more about these exercises by clicking HERE

Words Making a Difference

Thursday, February 20, 2014

There are people who will never know just how much God has used them to make a difference in our lives. Some of them have met us and many others have not.

Whether I ever meet the people who have influenced me on this earth or not the fact remains that if it were not for the time they have spent preaching and praying and studying and writing, I just would not be the same.

One of these people happens to be pretty well known. His name is John Piper. I "met" Piper through a free book called "Don't Waste Your Life" that I received from the Billy Graham Association. I "met" him again at a conference shortly later. The conference was held at a university and hosted and taught by two 20-something men who had a vision for helping those just a few steps behind them learn what it really means to live for the glory of God. Turns out, Piper pretty much changed their lives too. 

John Piper recently released a book called "A Godward Heart: Treasuring the God Who Loves You". This work is made up of 50 short meditations on all kinds of topics. Basically, it's a chance to sit down with a man who knows and loves God in a way that touches every area of his life and ponder those areas with him.

His desire is that people would come to see and savor the God who has made them. Piper knows that what every single person is longing for is found in the person of God. He preaches and prays and studies and writes that anyone who hears or reads his words would be pointed to the One who satisfies souls. 

Pick up a copy of this book by clicking HERE, go over to Desiring God and dive into any resource you may find there, and be ready to watch God work. 

In the introduction to "A Godward Heart", Piper revealed his heart with these words,

"My aim is a Godward book in the hope that God will put His fingers on its paragraphs 
and turn the lens of the eye of your soul, so delicately, and bring glories into focus." (p. xiv)

Wether you pick up the book to read about God's word getting personal, seeking the Lord, voting, suffering, or living in view of the resurrection, you will find words that WILL help you see the God who is behind everything happening in your life and throughout all of time. 

Seeing, you will be on the road to becoming more like Him and being completely satisfied in Him. 

It's worth your time to sit down with books like this! If you're still not sure, check out chapter one by clicking HERE.

I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review. All thoughts and comments are my own. 

Wednesdays with Washington: pt. 3

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

"A slender acquaintance with the world must convince every man, that actions, not words, are the criterion of the attachment of his friends, and that the most liberal professions of good will are very far from being the surest marks of it."
George Washington, 1779            

*This quote comes from a letter that Washington wrote to Maj.-Gen. Sullivan dated Dec.15, 1779.*  

Looking Back at Books

Monday, February 17, 2014

I  found out about a link-up happening over at THIS blog during the month of February. I already had a general idea of what I'd be blogging about this month, but I decided to fill in the blanks with some of her prompts.

The prompt I'm tackling today is "Five Favorites".

Let's talk about my five six favorite books from 2013. 

The Help by Kathryn Stockett

This one is first because it is my very favorite book from 2013. I know I'm behind the times. I picked this book up at a used book sale the summer before last. I think it took me a little over a week to finish.

Skeeter is a character that I just "got". Her Mother makes me laugh. And as for the cast of "help" - well, the story was close to home. I have seen the strange "dance" of white and black in the south first hand. My own grandma had "help" for as long as I can remember. I've see the "invisible" lines. I've sensed the pain. I think Stockett did an excellent job of telling so many stories in the pages of one novel.

I'm glad I read it and it's one of those books that's on my "read it again someday" list.

Surprised by Oxford: A Memoir by Carolyn Weber

Next up is a book that I read just as fall was beginning. I tend to read by the seasons because it seems to help. I remember sitting on the back patio wearing a sweatshirt and huddling under a blanket as fall began to settle in. The shadows and the quiet were magic for me as I journeyed to Oxford and found in its walls what so many others have found there before me.

I loved the conversations that Carolyn had with "TDH". They showed me a clear picture of what it might be like in the mind of someone who truly questions what it is to believe in God. TDH's responses helped me to see that it's okay NOT to know all of the answers...In fact, I learned from TDH that it's humility that really makes the difference in the lives of others.

This book was so good that it made its way onto my Christmas list. I can't wait to mark up the pages so that I won't quickly forget the lessons I learned from Weber and Oxford last fall.

Humble Orthodoxy by Joshua Harris
Four years ago Harris came out with a book called "Dug Down Deep". I remember cracking it open for the first time early one morning while I was staying out of town with my friend Amber. 

"Dug Down Deep" was really good, but "Humble Orthodoxy" told the rest of the story. As I read Harris's attempt to convince Christians of their responsibility to live with right thinking AND right attitudes, I was encouraged and challenged. Knowing what I believe is great. Acting on those beliefs comes next. What I must not forget is caring for people who may or may not know or believe or act. 

Reading this book in April felt refreshing. Spring was here and I was just breaking in a new journal. April was a month of transition after living with Heidi...I was in my home more and spending my free time getting the flower beds ready and continuing to help her as I was able. The reminder to care came from Harris just when I needed it. 

84, Charing Cross Road by Helene Hanff 
 I read this book in one sitting on the evening of December 17. It is a quick read, so I'm sure you will do the same if you ever pick it up.

I'll warn you, if you're a crier, you will cry during this one. It's really not all that sad, it's just MOVING. This collection of letters covers a lot of ground, the budding and blossoming of a friendship, a friendship that even carries over onto the people who only experienced the effects that that friendship has on the people they know.

This short book gave me a look into a little bookstore and the difference it was making. It reminded me how exciting books can be, but more than that, it reminded me of the way that words connect people.

The Cape Cod Mystery by Phoebe Atwood Taylor
 My friend Shauna recommended this book to me after she discovered it last year. I saved it until November. November is the month where life settles down and fall routines become comfortable. The gardening is done and there is extra time to sit and be. It also happens that November (2010) was the month that I began to savor Cape Cod...So, going back three years later through Taylor's mystery was pretty much perfect.

This work was first published in 1931. If I remember correctly, it was written when Taylor was very young (late teens, early 20's) and caring for an ill relative. What I saw in these pages was a wonderful detective story. I enjoyed the mystery so much that I passed the book on to both my Mom and my sister.

Going back to New England in days that were very different was the real fun. The characters, the dilemmas, and the setting being Cape Cod had me excited before I even opened the book. Taylor did not disappoint in the slightest.

Rosemary Cottage by Colleen Coble
This was the first book I read after Heidi's husband came home. It was the beginning of August. The days were still long and the end of summer was coming too fast. Those next few weeks were really lonely for me as I attempted to give them space but missed them all like crazy. Naturally, I made a trip to the library and looked for something to read. 

I remember realizing that this was the first book since "The Help" that I couldn't put down last year. I was nearly halfway through with the novel early one evening. I had spent at least an hour laying in the grass enjoying the last bits of sun before the trees began to shade the backyard. I took a break to start dinner and then after it was in the oven, I dove right back in. 

The setting for this book was the North Carolina shore - another place that holds many memories making it close to my heart. Coble wrote about secrets and grief and disappointment and HOPE. This book was something that God used to help me through those first few days of feeling "lost" for the first time in 2013. Any book that can be enjoyed in the midst of those feelings MUST be good! 

 Blog Everyday in February

So, there you have it. Six great books to check out in 2014 or any year that may follow! 

Why don't you tell me about some of your favorite books?

Do you read by the seasons?

Beyond the Wooden Blinds


When I was ten or eleven years old, I was assigned the task of selling things to raise money for school. Along with the other students, I sold things like calendars, magazine subscriptions, and chocolates. I always dreaded that time of year. No reward could inspire me to work very hard at knocking on doors to get more sales. I did always attempt to get at least a few sales.

My friend Jordan and I would go out together because that was rule number. She would take one side of the street and I would take the other. I would also take any houses that she did not want to approach. Two stand out in my mind. Jordan didn't want to go up to the one because "a witch lived there" and I can't remember why she didn't want to go to the other one. Whatever her reason, I would go up to the porch while she waited out on the sidewalk where it was safe.

Those two stand out in my memory because she was afraid and I ended up breaking more rules...Both of those ladies invited me into their homes. Being the wise, safe, careful child that I was, I was too embarrassed not to go in. I looked back at Jordan and followed the ladies inside.

One of the ladies was named Bunny. I remember a few things about the inside of her house. She had wooden blinds on all of her windows and they were slanted to just barely let light in. Bunny's house was dark, very cluttered, and a little dusty, but what I remember most was a feeling of loneliness. It was so quiet and there were no messes and the lack of light made me feel like I had just gone back in time.

Bunny did buy a subscription or two that day, but really, she just wanted to talk. I stood there awkwardly in her living room not knowing what to do. I was in a stranger's house all by myself. It was dark and quiet and a little eery. She seemed so nice and old and I didn't feel like I was in any danger, but I was completely disregarding all of the rules I had been taught.

I've never forgotten Bunny. She still lives there in that little house. I've never been back and I've never seen her since that day. Every once in a while, I walk by and I wonder if she's sitting on the other side of those same wooden blinds looking out. I wonder what she's thinking. I wonder how old she is and if it's gotten hard for her to get around.

A lot has changed in my life since I went to Bunny's house that day. The growing up years are defined by regular times of change. While they're going by they seem to take forever. Then, before we know it, all the milestones have happened. The years have flown by even though the days seemed to drag on and on.

While Bunny has been living a quiet, slow, and probably very lonely life, my teen years flew by, I've graduated high school, I've traveled to all of the places I dreamed of traveling, I've made new sets of friends with each season of my life, and now I'm finally beginning to realize what actually matters.

When we are young, life is an adventure. I can't help but think that for people like Bunny, life has become something to endure.

The older we get, the changes in life begin to slow down. We do all the things that we hoped to do or we realize that some of them really didn't matter after all.

It turns out, I know a lot of Bunnys and I also know a lot of kids who just can't wait for the next big milestone in their life to happen. While the kids are wishing away the now, the Bunnys are sitting around remembering the "thens".

Maybe now isn't something to wish away. Maybe it's alright to realize that our lives don't have to be fast, popular, or emulated. If only I realized what has been happening in the years that have passed since I was ten.

They were exciting. They were full. They didn't need to hurry up.

I know that now.

Life slows down and time continues flying by. It may not seem exciting, but these lives are ours. Whatever they look like, they've been given to us. They are full of opportunities to look around, to learn, and to be amazed at all that God has done.

When I pass by the house where Bunny lives, I am reminded of my prayer for her and for all of the children that play on the sidewalks bordering her house and all of the men and women who drive by in a hurry to do the next thing.

While Bunny spends her days living in that dark, cluttered, dusty house looking out through the wooden blinds,  she is surrounded by joy and sorrow and people who are growing up and growing old right alongside of her.

My prayer is this, may the people living in this world be able to see beyond the wooden blinds and the dust and the corners and the achievements and the fears and the disappointments in order to see the hand of God in a way that makes them trust and delight and hope in Him.

This post may look and sound a bit different than what you usually find here. This post is a response to the prompt: "What's been on your mind? What have you carried and gnawed over?"

It's part of the "Old Friend from Far Away" writing exercises I've decided to do. Find out more about these exercises by clicking HERE

*ps the photo at the top of this post is not Bunny's house. It's just a picture during some of my travels. 

The Day "One Day" Arrived

Saturday, February 15, 2014

 The view from my desk this morning.

Last fall I read a novel that stirred my need to write back to life. (In case you're wondering, the novel  was "Full Disclosure" by Dee Henderson.)

2013 was a year that I took the time to really read. As everyone says, the secret to writing is reading. But I hardly wrote anything last year. The need was still there, but I denied it from surfacing. I hear the voices of my old teachers, the dean of my college, and my Mom telling me, "You NEED to write." My reply has always been, "Oh, maybe one day." The voices are there and the days have turned into years. I'd like to be done saying one day.

After a year of keeping a collection of quotes from writers about writing, I made a promise to myself. I promised myself that I would begin writing again when spring came. I aimed at reading books by writers about writing, going through resources on writing, and taking the time to write and edit and process things through the exercise of getting alone to create with the written word.

If writing is something you're passionate about, it's something very difficult to deny. Even when you're not writing, the words and stories and observations are there. Everything you hear and see and do are there in your mind being summed up, the words rearranged over and over again until they sound just right.

This week over on her blog, Megan made a similar commitment to herself. For now, she's chosen three prompts from a book called "Old Friend from Far Away" by Natalie Goldberg.

I'll be using my blog as an outlet for my attempts with the prompts that Megan chose. They'll be marked "Old Friend from Far Away" or OFFA.

Megan and I have very different lives, but the truth is, there is a soul in us which is very much the same. It's a soul moved by words - written and read. It's a kind of soul that I've seen in other people too.

Even though my room is still a SHAMBLES ( the current contents of it include a shop vac, extension cord, ladder, stuff draped in sheets, no light fixture, etc.) I moved a table in yesterday so that I will have a place to keep all my notes. I read and write EVERYWHERE, but I really like having a place to keep everything undisturbed. I put the table near an outlet and positioned it so that I can look out the window. I am ready to begin!

With that, my "spring writing challenge" will begin on Monday. Hope to see you then!

February 17: What's been on your mind? What have you carried and gnawed over? (OFFA, p. 154)
February 24: Tell about periods where you haven't read. What were you doing? Where and when do you read best? (OFFA, p.160)

47 Years

Friday, February 14, 2014

Yesterday my Mom turned 47!

The last few years have been TOUGH, but she continues to rejoice in the Lord, try new things, and press on in the old things.

Moms do soooo much and we admire them for all that they do, but I always try to step back and remember that my Mom is more than she does...My Mom is worthy of my admiration simply for who she is.

So, on this day, you get to meet my Mom. :)

She is HILARIOUS...Like, embarrass you, perfect strangers, or WHOEVER, hilarious. If it's on her mind, she's saying it, asking it, and making sure EVERYONE knows.

She is SMART...I don't care what it is, she can figure it out (with or without Google). Knitting? Check. Crocheting? Check. Ailment diagnosis? Check (half nursing experience, half Google here). Math? Yep, she's got you covered. The list goes on and on.

She is FEARLESS...The things that freak everyone else out are like a CHALLENGE for her. She'll try ANYTHING at least once.

She is directionally CHALLENGED...In a new city and she tells you to go left? Definitely turn right. It's okay, she gets it. Turn right.

She is filled with FAITH...As in, she doesn't worry about anything EVER. If she does, she takes it to God because I have NEVER heard her say, "What if....". 23 years is a long time, and with most of them being very rocky and giving her every reason to run to the hills, she is there looking life straight in the eyes because she KNOWS God is at work.

She is LOYAL. This is probably my favorite and yet most frustrating thing about my Mom. She doesn't change her mind or her story or her tune. If she's for you, you better watch out because NOTHING will come against you. If she thinks it's good, you will not be able to convince her otherwise. This goes for songs like "Purple Rain" and "Hammer Time", foods like vinegar (she collects the stuff), stuffed mushrooms, quiche lorraine, and eggs benedict, and shows like "Call the Midwife" and old shows about any era in history.

She says things like "Meh!", "Whatchya gonna do?", "It's beautiful, I'm sure!", and "What will be, will be." because she TRUSTS and FEARS the Lord more than anyone I know. He holds the past, the present, and the future. She thanks Him for the good and clings to Him when the seemingly bad threaten to shake her.

It's been 47 years and I know that everyone who has known her should be very glad.

I can't imagine my life without her! I'm glad to call her Mom and best friend...I love a lot of people, but no doubt about it, she's my favorite!

Mom, I'm sure you'll read this eventually. When you do, know that I love you and thank God for you! I'm grateful for all you do, but more than that, I'm amazed by who you ARE.

Keep pressing on, looking to God, and being faithful. God is doing something beautiful and when I look at you I am reminded of what He is capable of.

Wherever I go. Whatever I do. I hope I never forget anything about you!!! I love you. :)

 (ps I'm crying now...)

Wednesdays With Washington: pt. 2

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Today's quote comes from a letter dated July 25, 1798 that George Washington wrote to James Anderson. 

The letter was written as Washington was wrestling with the threats coming from France and more specifically what his duty to his country would require.

He was sure that France would be met with a country ready to defend herself, but he was also sure that he could not stand by in order to let "others" do the work while he watched.

As usual, Washington was guided by principles as he heard of France's plans.  The specific principle he sights is simply this,

" was not designed by the all-wise Creator to live for himself alone." 

When a man shares his principles and spends his life living by them, we would be wise to listen! 


Quiet Hearts

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I've got some simple words for you today....It's a challenge really. 

I want to challenge you to spend some time today in the Bible. 

Simple as that, grab it, go somewhere quiet (and preferably warm) and just read. Underline or highlight if you want to or just read. 

This read through that I've been doing has been so good for my soul! I look forward to getting away in order to see more of this book that has been a big part of my life for over ten years now.

This February snow has me feeling a tiny bit stir crazy. Add to that a quick trip to the mall to see a movie last Friday and I was reminded that there are PEOPLE out there.

I've got friends I want to see and some shopping I want to do but it's cold and foggy and there is ice and snow so I know it's wisest not to leave this little town of mine....

Reading the Bible isn't making the crazy inside of me go away, but it HELPS. My time in God's Word helps me see beyond the crazy inside of me! 

Go there. You'll be glad you did! 


Friday, February 07, 2014

It snowed again last night and the temperatures have been DROPPING. Just a friendly reminder that winter is going to be here for a while, I guess!

With that going on outside, the window guys are taking a break until it warms up a bit. They were SOOOO close to being done, but the weather was truly unbearable.

Their absence means it's very quiet and the house still looks like a construction zone.

This weekend I'm hoping to look past all of that!

I'm hoping to enjoy the snow, do some reading, and drink some HOT tea.

I read an excellent article before bed last night - you should check it out HERE.

I'll warn you, talk about perspective.

The very fact that we are able to have this work done on the house already had me aware that there are very few things I actually do without.

The windows are just one piece of the "upgrades" happening around here. For the last few years I've been collecting ideas and items for a major makeover in my bedroom.

How many people around the USA, let alone the world, wouldn't even THINK about "making over" their bedroom?

That dumb thing is probably going to be one of the major highlights of 2014 to me and yet IT DOESN'T EVEN MATTER.

While I'm celebrating organization, pretty colors, and "new" - people are wanting a job, maybe some food, or the ability to know God and share Him with others without getting BEAT for it....

Makes my weekend plans...My plans for this year...And my everyday life in general seem like a giant WASTE.

God did put me here in this home and in this country with these freedoms. I am always very grateful, but I do wonder WHY. Why am I grateful for these things that don't even matter? Why do I celebrate things that only cloud my vision?

Wherever you are...Whatever you're dealing with, celebrating, or hoping for....The truth is - He is there and He is more important than the makeover, the job, the food, or the beating.

I'm not making light of their struggles or even attempting to compare my cares with theirs.

But I know that the one thing we can have in common is HIM. Knowing Him and rejoicing in Him will look a little different, but He is for all of us the same thing: our Creator and Sustainer.

He is God!

May your weekend be filled with satisfaction in Him! May we look past our joys and our cares to see that He is here, with us, even now!  

Wednesdays with Washington

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Welcome to the first installment of Wednesdays with Washington!

Through the month of February, I'll be using Wednesdays to share pictures that I took at Mount Vernon (back in 2010) along with a few wise words from George Washington.

"The views of men can only be known, or guessed at, by their words or actions." 
                                                                             George Washington, 1799

For the rest of the posts in this series click HERE.

*This quote comes from a letter that Washington wrote to Patrick Henry dated January 15, 1799*   

The Scenic Route: Snow

Monday, February 03, 2014


I took those pictures last week when the snow was fresh. As of today, some of it has melted, there are tracks EVERYWHERE, and the sky is blue with clouds stretched here and there.

What a weekend! 

Saturday morning I baked a batch of cinnamon rolls and some of the crew came to work on our windows. 

After that the day kind of went downhill a little bit. I had plans to be very productive, but then something came up and I was thrown for a loop. 

I did get some math done, make a trip to the grocery store and the library, and I got a walk in. So, it wasn't a bad day. Oh, and it ended with "Brigadoon". I only watch that movie about once a year, but  it's one of my favorites!

Yesterday my Mom and I put together some snacks for the super bowl. Jay hosted a little party at his house. I'm not going to rant, but I'll say this: that was the WORST "football" game I have ever watched. The end. 

 Now it's Monday and the beginning of February and I've got all kinds of NEW things lined up this month (in my life, not on the blog).

What did YOU do over the weekend?