A Long Time

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My last post was September 6th. Seeing that it is now October 20th, I think this has been the longest my blog has ever gone between postings. It feels like a long time to me anyways.

Life has been new for me over the last few months. I was not going to write about it. I was going to continue to the blog as if everything was the same.

God is working in my life as usual. But I cannot tell you all that has been happening without clueing you in.

Here goes...

On August 20th, I boarded an airplane with my dad. We headed across the country to meet the people who make up a church whose school I would be interning at. I have come to the place in my studies with Whitefield College that requires me to spend time observing, assisting, and being mentored by an experienced teacher.

So, here I am, two months later. Over the last two months I have met quite a few people. Most everyone has been extremely kind. They have offered me a place to live and lives to be a part of. I have truly seen the grace of God at work as complete strangers treat me as one of their own.

During September, I was mainly in a kindergarten classroom. I got to help a teacher who is in what I believe to be her 31st school year. She is has an amazing ability to help little children transition into a highly disciplined environment. She is always ready with a smile, a kind word, a firm hand, and much wisdom. I'll talk more about what I learned in kindergarten another day!

During September I also saw God in new ways. As you know, I had a rough summer. Looking back on it, that sounds ridiculous. I actually had a wonderful summer. Unfortunately, I allowed times of great prosperity and comfort to come between myself and God. I failed to sit at His feet each day. Before I knew it, I was overwhelmed with my sin. Through the month of August I repented of my neglect. I asked God to bring me back to the place where He truly was my All in All.

Right before I left home, the book of Ruth was laid on my heart. So, when I got here, I began reading it. Each week I read the whole book and listened to one sermon in a preaching series by John Piper. By the end of September I felt refreshed and renewed. Along with all that I learned in Ruth, the church I am now attending was just finishing up a journey through the book of Hebrews. In case you don't know, Hebrews is basically warnings to Christians against backsliding. That means, I desperately needed to hear it!

In October I have been going through First and Second Peter. I used some of the money people sent me for my birthday to order some books that I have been wanting to read for a while. Oddly enough, they all deal with the Gospel.

Before this year even began, I knew that I was mainly going to be touched by who God is and what that means to me.

This year is almost over and I have truly seen that God is:


........I look forward to learning more about God FOREVER!!!