A Man Named Eddie and An Unexpected Christmas Party

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Last Friday I wrote about whatever was on my mind. It was kind of a downer....It included the statement about getting old being good and stinky. (I only use that line because it was in a favorite movie of mine...."High Society".) 

I find old people very cute. Yes, I know life at their age is full of sooo  much pain and difficulty, but so many of them are just so cute. 

I am sure they appreciate that. Right? Every man dreams of growing old and being considered cute. Okay, so maybe not...But still, I like old people better than babies. 

Anyway....There was one particular man at the party. His name is Eddie. He is old and tall and skinny as a rail and smiley and crookedy and going deaf and loud and cute and hilarious. 

He still drives even though he's seriously OLD. I have "known" him for years. And he really hasn't changed much. He loves people, his old cars, playing the accordion, and apparently, food. 

Eddie in a parade...
I wasn't sitting with Eddie, but I couldn't help over hearing just about every word he said at the party. 

Here are some of my favorite conversations. I hope they aren't all "had to be there" stories....

Eddie to the three others at his table, "Well, I think I'm going to see about DESSERT!" 

Nobody moves or even acknowledges that he said that....He jumps up and looks around. No dessert has been placed out yet so he sits down. 

One of the ladies who just figured out what he was doing and saying, "Are you going to eat more????" 

Eddie, "Hmmm...Guess I'm done. That ham sure was good! I could eat another piece, but I'm not going to! Those deviled eggs sure were good! I could eat some more, but I'm not going to!"

Finally, dessert was served. There's Eddie eating his pie and talking to the one lady at his table who is now acknowledging that he's talking and attempting to visit.

Eddie, "Raspberry!"

Eddie, "Good!"

Lady, something I couldn't quite make out.

Eddie, "You know, I better eat the crust too! I guess I have to! If I don't, she'll think the crust wasn't any good. I'm eating it all! It's good." 

Lady, "Oh?"

Eddie, "I want her to know the crust is good! I don't want her to think it's bad! It's not."


The pastor brought along a guitar and sang some Christmas songs. 

Some people sang. Some people left. Some people just sat there. And others....Yep, they just kept talking! 

Eddie, "Oooh, I like this song!" 

Lady, "What?!?!?"

Eddie, "This song, I like it, I like playing it. I once played it on....." 

It's like none of them can hear or understand what the others are saying. So they say whatever is on their minds. Or just whatever they think they should say in return to what they think the others have said. 

The table of four:

There's Eddie, shuffling around. Living and talking and eating like one giant exclamation point. 

There's the lady who can't seem to hear him but is attempting to enjoy conversation.

There's the other old man (Curtis) who cracks himself up and is always talking. I couldn't understand him from where I was sitting but I kept laughing because he was just one big cut up. 
Folding napkins, belting out "Blue Christmas" even though the pastor never played or sang a single note of it.

And then the other man who seemed oblivious to it all. 

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