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Monday, December 10, 2012

Good morning, ladies! How was your weekend? 

My weekend was full of reading, baking, SNOW, cleaning, and a little cooking. I went to bed last night SORE from being hunched over way too much. 

I'm going to be one crookedy old lady if I make it that long! Whatever I do, I ALWAYS end up hunched over. Can you relate? Or...Is it just me? 

Forgive me for this...I put them all together in one frame, but this would be the progress of yesterday's snow. I was in the kitchen the whole time making some progress on ginger cookies. 

I had fun watching it "accumulate" even though it was barely snowing. Every time I looked out the window, I was surprised that so much was sticking. 

(In reality this is NOTHING...But when it's been nearly 70 degrees, it's something!) 

In between breaks, I spent all of yesterday in the kitchen. 

I'm going to a cookie swap today and I needed to have something to be able to have at home too. I made a couple batches of ginger cookies, egg nog, and some of these "Gooey Chocolate Crinkle Cookies". 

I have never eaten or prepared chocolate crinkles before. I have seen them but was never sure what they were so I stuck to what I knew! Now I know what I have been MISSING OUT on all of these years. YUM! 

Lovely meringue is the secret to fluffy eggnog. Aside from biscuits, chocolate chip cookies, and meatloaf, I have to say, meringue is one of my FAVORITE things to whip up.

Exhibit B up there would be the beginning of the chocolate crinkle dough. Yes, it looks like some kind of coffee grounds or soil. At that point I was WORRIED. It did come together. I am now a believer in these YUMMY cookies.

After Friday, I was still feeling a bit off. That may or may not have been the reason I kept to myself and got some serious kitchen therapy in. Either way, I finished the day off right with a big batch of enchiladas.

Like eggnog, I don't really think enchiladas ever photograph well. So, you get to look at another picture of SNOW coming down (this was when it started) and imagine the rest of my day for yourself!

Advent is still going well! Here is a picture I snapped last week after some of the daily cards were hanging up in the living room.

I went to a Lutheran Advent midweek service last week. Anyone here Lutheran? My best friend growing up was (is) Lutheran and I went to church with her plenty of times...This church was much different than hers. Lots of reading and reading back and bowing (the pastor, not us). I think he even read every prayer. Any way, it was interesting.

And finally, the chocolate crinkles! (See, another Christmas confection dipped in powdered sugar.) 

I mentioned reading...I finished one book, started and finished another, and started a third. WOAH! When I set my mind to it I can get through books. That's what Saturdays are for sometimes. 

How was your weekend? 
What have you been reading?
 I'd love to hear about Advent in your life!
Also, am I the only one that hadn't had one of those cookies before this year? 


  1. Looks lovely - the snow is so pretty and those cookies look yummy :) xoxo!

  2. oh my gosh all of your baking...who eats it?! I would be as big as my house....sooooo delicious looking!
    Gosh i'm so jealous.....i wish it snowed here!!

  3. i plan on doing my christmas cookie baking night can't wait!!


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