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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Ever since I picked this blog back up earlier this year, I've been doing posts called "THE SCENIC ROUTE".

These posts have been an effort to document my weekends, favorite things of the season, or whatever I happen to have a bunch of PICTURES of at the moment.

As a blog reader, I love looking at the pictures people post. As a blogger, I make it my goal to share words that are meaningful as well as pictures that are beautiful.

We can all agree on one thing, we LOVE pictures.

"The Scenic Route" started as a challenge to myself to get me TAKING and POSTING more pictures. Now that I've kept it up, this picture taking and posting keeps OVERFLOWING right into most of the posts that I write.

If you're a blogger and you take pictures, I would love for you to JOIN me as I host my very first link-up!

It's simple....Every Monday pop over here, grab the button, and write a post with PLENTY of pictures. Pop back over here and link-up the direct link to your post so that other bloggers can see it too!

Write about your weekend.

Write about a special day or trip.

Write about some things you've been enjoying lately.

Take pictures with your phone, your point and shoot, or your fancy DSLR.

Whatever you do, join me as I leave behind pieces of "The Scenic Route"!

Can't wait to see you Monday!

Add the button to your post:

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<img src="" border="0"/>

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  1. LOVE this! <3
    Hopefully i can jump on board next week! :)


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