All Wrapped Up

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

This month, every Tuesday, we've been UNwrapping ordinary moments in life to think about just how special they really are. 

Today, I'm thinking about something different. Many have decided to keep their blogs quiet today in honor of the recent events at Sandy Hook Elementary. A school most of us hadn't even heard of until last Friday. Money is being raised, prayers are beings said, and there was even an attempt to show support by wearing the school's colors. 

I still haven't wrapped the Christmas presents yet. With that on my mind and these things going on in our country, I've thought about today's Tuesday being WRAPPED.

We wrap gifts with pretty paper and bows and tags. 

We wrap the ones we love with hugs and care.  

We wrap our homes in beautiful paint and furniture and smells.

We wrap ourselves in clothes that we find comfortable and attractive. 

In this life, we do a lot of wrapping. And for the most part, we enjoy it. We're all looking to be happy and to feel at home.
That's the thing...This life is not meant to be wrapped. We are not meant to finally feel at home here. 

Look to Jesus.

Jesus set the example. His life was unwrapped. His life was given. For my sin, for your sin....His life was given that we may be with Him and see His glory. 

Jesus means for us to give our lives for our lives to be unwrapped. Our lives are to be given that as we see His glory, we share it with others. 

Yes, we must take care of ourselves and our children. We ought to make our homes places where people feel welcome and loved. 

Like the gifts we wrap up so nicely, our lives and everything we "wrap" in them are meant to be unwrapped. The pretty things are meant to be torn off so we can get to the bottom of things.

So, wrap it up. But, be ready! Encourage people around you to keep digging...To look and see and know and savor the Jesus that is behind all things. 

Look to Jesus. 

On the good days, the scary days, the ordinary, and the exciting....Look to Jesus. 

Today may be it. Christmas 2012 may be it. You may not live to see another new year. Someone who is in your life now, may not have much time left. 

Help them look to Jesus while there is time! 

And when you think you've seen all you can see, just keep looking! 


  1. Oh, what a sweet reminder! Love the concept that Jesus lived his live unwrapped. And I so want to follow in his footsteps.
    Beautiful, beautiful!!!

  2. Amen sister! Such wise words.

  3. Victoria,
    I'm excited to stop by your blog today! I love your thoughts on what we wrap ourselves in and the only one who can wrap us in his love -- thanks for sharing your beautiful words!



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