Friday, February 07, 2014

It snowed again last night and the temperatures have been DROPPING. Just a friendly reminder that winter is going to be here for a while, I guess!

With that going on outside, the window guys are taking a break until it warms up a bit. They were SOOOO close to being done, but the weather was truly unbearable.

Their absence means it's very quiet and the house still looks like a construction zone.

This weekend I'm hoping to look past all of that!

I'm hoping to enjoy the snow, do some reading, and drink some HOT tea.

I read an excellent article before bed last night - you should check it out HERE.

I'll warn you, talk about perspective.

The very fact that we are able to have this work done on the house already had me aware that there are very few things I actually do without.

The windows are just one piece of the "upgrades" happening around here. For the last few years I've been collecting ideas and items for a major makeover in my bedroom.

How many people around the USA, let alone the world, wouldn't even THINK about "making over" their bedroom?

That dumb thing is probably going to be one of the major highlights of 2014 to me and yet IT DOESN'T EVEN MATTER.

While I'm celebrating organization, pretty colors, and "new" - people are wanting a job, maybe some food, or the ability to know God and share Him with others without getting BEAT for it....

Makes my weekend plans...My plans for this year...And my everyday life in general seem like a giant WASTE.

God did put me here in this home and in this country with these freedoms. I am always very grateful, but I do wonder WHY. Why am I grateful for these things that don't even matter? Why do I celebrate things that only cloud my vision?

Wherever you are...Whatever you're dealing with, celebrating, or hoping for....The truth is - He is there and He is more important than the makeover, the job, the food, or the beating.

I'm not making light of their struggles or even attempting to compare my cares with theirs.

But I know that the one thing we can have in common is HIM. Knowing Him and rejoicing in Him will look a little different, but He is for all of us the same thing: our Creator and Sustainer.

He is God!

May your weekend be filled with satisfaction in Him! May we look past our joys and our cares to see that He is here, with us, even now!  

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  1. Eep, that's too much snow for me! We're in San Angelo and it "snowed" yesterday as well, but it was only enough to be considered a dusting. Too much, this Florida girl says ;)


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