Missing Bookmarks

Monday, February 24, 2014

During college my reading habits changed. As an education major at a Christian college, many of my classes revolved around "real books". For the first time in my life I always had a stack that I was reading at any given moment. 

My college years were spent reading and summarizing and writing paper after paper. I pretty much loved it. Even so, I wasn't reading anything extra. When I had a free moment I wanted to get outside, to interact with people; I was looking for anything that didn't involve more words on a page.

I still remember the first summer I had off. I spent so much time out on the back patio on my lawn chair reading anything and everything. I count that summer of 2009 as the summer I  realized just how much books have to offer.

College had me reading and yet it kept me from reading. College taught me to have several books going at once. College taught me how much I enjoy reading and how much I miss it when I don't do it. 

Reading is a privilege and a delight. There is something about quieting down in order to take in a story or a lesson or a memory that has been recorded. There is a certain companionship to be found in the pages of the volumes on our shelves.

My favorite place to read is outside on a warm day. The time does not matter, just give me a book and something cool to drink and I'll be content.

This post may look and sound a bit different than what you usually find here. It's a response to the prompt: "Tell about periods where you haven't read. What were you doing? When and where do you read best?" 

This post is part of the "Old Friend from Far Away" writing exercises I've decided to do. Find out more about these exercises by clicking HERE


  1. i love reading in the sun with something cool to drink as well! :) :)
    and i'm with you...in college i brought this stack of books from home with hopes of having a spare moment to read them - when in reality i was so bogged down with college books i had no time!

  2. Ahhh yes, reading is the best! It always feels so luxurious and has been a favorite hobby of mine my entire life.


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