Wednesdays with Washington: pt. 4

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I didn't get a very good picture of this  little "room" on the very top of Washington's house. It may have been my favorite place on the property.

"When no plan is fixed, - when directions flow from day to day, - the business becomes a mere chaos; frequently shifting, - and sometimes at a stand - for want of directions what to do, - or the manner of doing it - These occasion a waste of time, which is of more importance than is generally imagined.

Nothing can so effectually obviate the evil [of wasted time], as an established and regular course of proceeding...

Inspect the conduct of the Overseers in this particular and those also whose immediate business is to attend upon them, - with a watchful eye; - otherwise, and generally in severe weather, when attention and care is most needed, they will be most neglected... [economy] shews itself in nothing more evidently or more essentially, than in not suffering the provender to be wasted, but on the contrary, that every atom of it be used to the best advantage; - and likewise in not suffering the ploughs, harrows, and other implements of husbandry thereon, and the gears belonging to them to be unnecessarily exposed; trodden under foot, carts running over them and abused in other respects.

More good is derived from looking into the Minutiae on a Farm than strikes people at first view; and by examining the Farm yards, fences, and looking into fields - to see that nothing is within, but what are allowed to be there, produces more good, - or at least avoids more evil, oftentimes, than riding from one working party, or from one Overseer to another, generally accomplishes.

I have mentioned these things not only because they have occurred to me, and tho' apparently trifles, but because they prove far otherwise in the result. "
                                                      George Washington, 1799

This quote comes from a letter from George Washington addressed to James Anderson and dated December 10, 1799. 

* * * * * * * 

You've just read the final installment of Wednesdays with Washington. I think I've shared all of my favorite pictures of Mount Vernon, so I guess four weeks was the perfect length for this little series.

During the last week of January I began finishing up my last English class for college. The first assignment was to write and give a biographical speech on "what makes a hero". I had already prepared this speech back in 2010 or 2011 when I originally began the class...After something came up, the class, the research, and the speech were put aside...So, when I picked the class back up, I assumed that it would be best if I just started from scratch. I shared the old speech with my Mom and sister and they both agreed that I needed to give that one.

Faced with the task of editing, I decided it would be a good idea to do a bit of refresher reading. I gathered my Washington books, went online to print out letters, and settled in for several days of my favorite kind of research.

With so many really great quotes highlighted and underlined, I knew I needed to share them somewhere.

Hopefully you've enjoyed them!

Do you have a favorite person from history? 
Who are some of your heroes?  

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