47 Years

Friday, February 14, 2014

Yesterday my Mom turned 47!

The last few years have been TOUGH, but she continues to rejoice in the Lord, try new things, and press on in the old things.

Moms do soooo much and we admire them for all that they do, but I always try to step back and remember that my Mom is more than she does...My Mom is worthy of my admiration simply for who she is.

So, on this day, you get to meet my Mom. :)

She is HILARIOUS...Like, embarrass you, perfect strangers, or WHOEVER, hilarious. If it's on her mind, she's saying it, asking it, and making sure EVERYONE knows.

She is SMART...I don't care what it is, she can figure it out (with or without Google). Knitting? Check. Crocheting? Check. Ailment diagnosis? Check (half nursing experience, half Google here). Math? Yep, she's got you covered. The list goes on and on.

She is FEARLESS...The things that freak everyone else out are like a CHALLENGE for her. She'll try ANYTHING at least once.

She is directionally CHALLENGED...In a new city and she tells you to go left? Definitely turn right. It's okay, she gets it. Turn right.

She is filled with FAITH...As in, she doesn't worry about anything EVER. If she does, she takes it to God because I have NEVER heard her say, "What if....". 23 years is a long time, and with most of them being very rocky and giving her every reason to run to the hills, she is there looking life straight in the eyes because she KNOWS God is at work.

She is LOYAL. This is probably my favorite and yet most frustrating thing about my Mom. She doesn't change her mind or her story or her tune. If she's for you, you better watch out because NOTHING will come against you. If she thinks it's good, you will not be able to convince her otherwise. This goes for songs like "Purple Rain" and "Hammer Time", foods like vinegar (she collects the stuff), stuffed mushrooms, quiche lorraine, and eggs benedict, and shows like "Call the Midwife" and old shows about any era in history.

She says things like "Meh!", "Whatchya gonna do?", "It's beautiful, I'm sure!", and "What will be, will be." because she TRUSTS and FEARS the Lord more than anyone I know. He holds the past, the present, and the future. She thanks Him for the good and clings to Him when the seemingly bad threaten to shake her.

It's been 47 years and I know that everyone who has known her should be very glad.

I can't imagine my life without her! I'm glad to call her Mom and best friend...I love a lot of people, but no doubt about it, she's my favorite!

Mom, I'm sure you'll read this eventually. When you do, know that I love you and thank God for you! I'm grateful for all you do, but more than that, I'm amazed by who you ARE.

Keep pressing on, looking to God, and being faithful. God is doing something beautiful and when I look at you I am reminded of what He is capable of.

Wherever I go. Whatever I do. I hope I never forget anything about you!!! I love you. :)

 (ps I'm crying now...)

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  1. She sounds amazing, I can't wait to meet her!


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