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Thursday, February 20, 2014

There are people who will never know just how much God has used them to make a difference in our lives. Some of them have met us and many others have not.

Whether I ever meet the people who have influenced me on this earth or not the fact remains that if it were not for the time they have spent preaching and praying and studying and writing, I just would not be the same.

One of these people happens to be pretty well known. His name is John Piper. I "met" Piper through a free book called "Don't Waste Your Life" that I received from the Billy Graham Association. I "met" him again at a conference shortly later. The conference was held at a university and hosted and taught by two 20-something men who had a vision for helping those just a few steps behind them learn what it really means to live for the glory of God. Turns out, Piper pretty much changed their lives too. 

John Piper recently released a book called "A Godward Heart: Treasuring the God Who Loves You". This work is made up of 50 short meditations on all kinds of topics. Basically, it's a chance to sit down with a man who knows and loves God in a way that touches every area of his life and ponder those areas with him.

His desire is that people would come to see and savor the God who has made them. Piper knows that what every single person is longing for is found in the person of God. He preaches and prays and studies and writes that anyone who hears or reads his words would be pointed to the One who satisfies souls. 

Pick up a copy of this book by clicking HERE, go over to Desiring God and dive into any resource you may find there, and be ready to watch God work. 

In the introduction to "A Godward Heart", Piper revealed his heart with these words,

"My aim is a Godward book in the hope that God will put His fingers on its paragraphs 
and turn the lens of the eye of your soul, so delicately, and bring glories into focus." (p. xiv)

Wether you pick up the book to read about God's word getting personal, seeking the Lord, voting, suffering, or living in view of the resurrection, you will find words that WILL help you see the God who is behind everything happening in your life and throughout all of time. 

Seeing, you will be on the road to becoming more like Him and being completely satisfied in Him. 

It's worth your time to sit down with books like this! If you're still not sure, check out chapter one by clicking HERE.

I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review. All thoughts and comments are my own. 

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  1. John Piper is one of those authors that I have to read very slowly and often re-read a paragraph about 5 times. For example, I started Desiring God quite awhile ago and STILL haven't finished it. Such convicting and thought-provoking stuff!


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