What To Expect In A Julep Mystery Box

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

When I hear about subscription services, I'm always curious about what kinds of products are included. I never tire about seeing what people have received and how satisfied they are with the company that sent the box!

Today I'm giving you another little peek into Julep! For the month of March they had a box available for each of their style profiles as well as a couple of mystery options. If you've ever wondered what a Julep Mystery Box looks like, this post is for you!

When I opened this box, I was amazed at what they included!!! Five of the six polishes came with the box and the sixth polish was an add on that I chose before the box was shipped. 

From left to right you see: Sharma from the It Girl Collection, Beth from the Bombgirl Collection, Ilga from the Classic With A Twist Collection, Candace from the It Girl Collection, Dawn from the It Girl Collection, and Lulu from the Classic With A Twist Collection. 

I wore Lulu on my nails all last week! It has a matte finish, so I chose to put Julep's Freedom Polymer Top Coat over it. It looks lavender in the bottle, but it's the perfect soft pink!

With the exception of Dawn, I'm super excited to try out all of the other polishes! Candace and Beth both caught my eye first, but the more I looked at the box I realized that this is my favorite Julep box so far! 

I don't know if mystery boxes are always this awesome, but now you know what you can expect! 

Julep always sends a few extras with their boxes. This month came with a 30% off coupon, a flyer, a quote card, and a couple of packages of Smarties (which were promptly eaten by my brother and sister)!

Take their style quiz and sign up for a free box today! You preview every box and have the option to opt in or out each month.

Julep's polishes are 5 free which means they don't contain the toxins that most other polishes contain!

Are you signed up for any subscription services?

Would you ever sign up for a mystery box? 

*While this post does contain affiliate links, this review is simply me telling you what I love about Julep. I was not compensated for this post in any way.


  1. so awesome!!! i want that yellow polish!

  2. this looks so cool! how long do the little bottles last? and i loooove it when stuff comes with coupons!

  3. It looks very pretty.

  4. This is so cool!! I love Julep polishes, and I always love the idea of subscription boxes. I will have to check if this one delivers to Canada!


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