Currently pt. 11

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Jenna and Anne have been inspiring these currently posts for quite a while now! We're only four days into March and our calendar is very full. After a quiet winter, busy springs usually excite me. This year, I have mixed feelings about the change in pace.

There is a bright side! On my walks, I've noticed that the lilacs are blossoming. Over the weekend, I noticed that my chives are coming back to life yet again. My Mom planted them years ago and they just keep coming back. I went out this morning and took a picture of it just for this post!

I'm currently...

dreaming: About our trip south (still) and the baby my friend Heidi should be having ANY day now!!! I can't wait to meet the little guy.

planning: Dinners and shopping trips and book lists. All the other plans are being made for me!

baking: Last night I pulled together three different recipes to make Olive Garden's "Five Cheese Ziti Al Forno", it was worth it! Next time, I'll skimp on the noodles because I like plenty of sauce.

I'm planning to try out these Key Lime Bars and I'm waiting for the perfect occasion to make my favorite Chocolate Bundt.

Start brainstorming YOUR favorite dessert recipes now because on March 19th I'm co-hosting the Around the Table link up with The Quiet Place! I'd love for you to join us.

watching: I posted an exhaustive list on Friday.

However...Last night I finished The Great British Baking Show (I didn't know it would end so soon) and I actually CRIED. This was a first for me. Never has a baking show, or cooking show for that matter, made me cry.

I wasn't crying because it was over, I was crying with happiness and sadness throughout the whole last challenge and as everyone waited for the announcement of who the winner would be. It's that good. Watch it.

How's your March so far?


  1. I looove Olive Garden's 5 Cheese Ziti! I will have to make some at home. Can't wait for the dessert link up!

  2. Oh my! That Five Cheese Ziti Al Forno looks amazing! I'm pretty sure I need that in my tummy!

  3. These posts look fun! Might have to think about what mine would look like. :)


  4. I have a big ol' book list myself! Glad to meet another reader :-)

  5. Where can I find this show? It sounds really good. I love cooking shows!

  6. It is going well. I love Ziti too.

  7. It is going well. I love Ziti too.

  8. Book lists are a must! And lovely. Our bush is still totally snow covered.

  9. Ah, YAY for the chives coming back to life! And I want to know what's on your book list :-) Also, that link-up sounds perfect…I've been thinking of sharing some of the recipes we've been loving around here lately, so maybe I'll plan to do it then :-)

  10. Oh yum, this makes me want to bake something too! :)


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