On Palm Sunday

Sunday, March 29, 2015

It's Palm Sunday, but I didn't wake up with that on my mind. I found out while I was scrolling through Facebook. I knew it was coming, I just forgot that it was THIS Sunday. I don't go to church, in fact, I haven't gone regularly in nearly four years. I'm ashamed to admit that, but it's the way things are.

It's Palm Sunday and I don't have a large group of Christians to celebrate with. I won't be waving a palm leaf. I won't be singing any favorite hymns. I'm missing out on one of the happiest times of the year that Christians get to take part in. To say that I "miss" being part of a body of believers would be a complete understatement. I long for a church the way that most of my single friends long for marriage.

I long for the day when I live in a community that has at least a small body of strong believers who gather together to hear God's Word and who labor together to live by that Word throughout the rest of the week. I've experienced friendships with people whose Christianity is genuine. Being with them means hearing truth and sharing truth and enjoying God together. It can't be helped. It comes naturally and it doesn't ever stop.

For now, God has me in a place where these people are few and far between. The churches distort God's Word either blatantly or by the conduct they allow among their members. The Gospel is not good news here. God said it would be like that. For whatever reason, I'm still here. This same place where I've grown in God is the place where being a Christian produced an especially deep hope in Him.

Praise God for your churches. Praise God for men who are faithful to His Word. Praise God for the brothers and sisters in Christ who are eager to share this season of celebration with you! Above all, praise God for making Himself known by way of the long awaited Messiah! Though it is difficult at times, praise God for the trials you face, for they are building you up in Him.

It's Palm Sunday and I'm longing for heaven. And you know, I'm confident that that's exactly what Jesus Christ intended!

I believe that it is essential 
for Christians to be a part of a body of believers! 
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  1. Oh, what a tough season to be in without a church to call home. I can't imagine, though I know those seasons exist . I remember my first semester of college, trying to find a church home...it felt so long before God said, "here". It was so great to have a place to be family while in school. Praying that God leads you through this season soon.

  2. I hope God leads you to a great church family soon, I know how much I would miss mine if I did not have them around. What state are you in? I know friends who love their churches in surrounding areas and here in Charlotte but don't know where you're from! :)

  3. So love that you're hopeful and staying strong despite the "drought" of sorts in regards to church. I definitely take my church for granted all too often, even though my church has gone through a lot of change this year. Thank you for that sweet reminder, friend! And for being such a strong and faith-filled friend, too. You continually inspire me!

  4. I haven't been attending church any since we moved two years ago, and it makes me pretty sad. I tried one out, but it just wasn't for me. Maybe knowing that our situation here is temporary has allowed me to step back, knowing I'll find a church to call home wherever we land next. You are not alone in your feelings, for sure!


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