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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

It's been a week since my last post. The silence didn't happen on purpose. I wasn't any busier than normal. I have all kinds of post ideas planned out. I've got sticky notes and scraps of paper and journal entries of inspiration pieces.  It's something else entirely.

Last Sunday, I had the morning to myself. I picked up my Bible and read the sections marked for that day. I read a booklet on Psalm 73. I poured myself out to God as I came to the end of another journal. And then I just sat outside enjoying the sun. I heard birds and a church bell. If I listened close enough, I even heard the creek. When I had enough of the silence, I picked up a book of essays by EB White that I've been going through every now and then. I read an entry from Autumn 1947 that was titled "Death of A Pig". You read that right. White found the death of a pig worth writing about and I sat on my patio nearly 70 years later reading about it. What's even more surprising, is that I enjoyed it. I enjoyed it so much, that I shared passages of it with my family when they got home later that afternoon.

As I sat on my back patio reading about the death of a pig, I had thoughts of the dead rabbit that one of our cats brought that morning and the mouse that was discovered running through the garage the night before. I thought about turning 25 in six months. I thought of the Jimmy Stewart Biography and the broccoli salad that both reminded me of the passing of time. And the thought that keeps coming to mind came again: Blogging is ruining my writing.

Blogging requires a certain type of writing. Every post can't be an essay or no one will want to read. When I sit down to write, I find the blogging format coming out in my writing and it actually makes me sad. I really enjoy everything about blogging, but every now and then the idea of freeing myself from its constraints becomes very tempting. That's when blogging breaks happen. I usually plan them, announce them, and resolve to enjoy them. This week, I just didn't blog. The silence here came as a result of a stirring in my soul. I want to write with the skill of men like EB White. I want to leave behind pieces that are written so well that 70 years later, people will still want to read them.

This blog was born out of a desire for me to leave behind a record of God's grace in my life. The words came from the year that I spent pouring over a Bible with a pencil in my hand when I was 14.

Through * For * By

Through God. For God's Glory. By His Grace.

It may be my journey, but it's for Him. When I write, I want people to see God. I want people to read my words and find their soul awakened to His grace in their life. When we see that God is before all things, it becomes clear that all things exist for His glory.

Blogging may leave me discouraged at times, but I always come back around. I follow the rules and try to write on a variety of topics. As I come out of this week of silence, I don't know if it will lead to more silence, but I do know that it has given me a chance to reflect on the purpose of this space once again.

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Does blogging impact the writing you do outside of blogging?

Whose writing inspires you?


  1. What if you write short essay blog posts? So you can stay true to your style? I think you should embrace your style and do what makes you happy verse forcing a certain writing style.

  2. I loved reading about how your blog name came about! I had wondered what the for through by meant. I honestly don't think blogging impacts my other writing. I'll have to think about it more but I really don't think so. Interesting question!

  3. Anonymous9:44 PM

    wow this is awesome!! You really do have a passion for blogging and i think you are spot on for what you were saying, and that you enjoy it, but you don't like the constraints that come along with it....which is when you know you really need to stick to what YOU love about it. Lovely post - love that it all comes back to our God - awesome!

  4. I've always loved the title and meaning of your blog. You thought it out so well, Victoria! And you're right. Often, blogging-social writing-kills the true craft of writing (or at least hampers it). Meaningful writing is taking a turn for the worse, and it's always a delight to stumble across little glimmers of hope that it won't be completely snuffed out.

  5. So deep--I've nearly replaced journaling with blogging (they both take so much time!), but I also don't think Im a w r i t e r like you are. I love your blog name (remember when I thought it was a reference to "por" in Spanish? Haha) and I've loved reading your journey in this space :)

  6. "It may be my journey, but it's for Him. When I write, I want people to see God. I want people to read my words and find their soul awakened to His grace in their life. When we see that God is before all things, it becomes clear that all things exist for His glory." <--THAT is one of the biggest reasons why I blog, too. Thank you for just putting into words (written so beautifully, by the way!) what I strive to do and that I know for a FACT that you do each and every single day. :)

    Thanks for linking up!

  7. I can totally relate to what you said about how blogging is ruining your writing! I feel the same way. They both take incredible time to commit to. And I do feel that when blogging, we can get caught up in the "rules" and the why's and the how's. I find that happening to myself and when it does, blogging isn't fun anymore. It feels more like obligation. That is usually when I step back and silence happens on my space. I love writing. True writing and blog writing, but I would love to give priority to my journals instead of the blog. Lately, I've been doing just the opposite. You are not alone!

    P.S. Love the meaning of your blog name. It's filled with truth and a mission all in one! :)


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