Wednesday, June 17, 2015

June 5, 2015

Summer tends to create a routine and a rhythm of its own. The days are longer and packed to the gills with activities and yard work and visiting and celebrating. Somehow, the days from early June until the end of August seem to contain a slowness too.

This morning, I loaded the minivan with a picnic breakfast for my Mom and I. My brother started driver's ed on Tuesday and it leaves us with a nice chunk of wait time.  We chatted about Packer and Galatians and Jesus Christ's sacrifice over cinnamon rolls and fruit. After a while, she laid down to take a nap and I pulled out my Bible study things.

The wait time turned into a little gift. The thing is, these gifts are everywhere, all the time.

Whether you crave routine or spontaneity, embrace the slowness when you see it! Chat with your friend on the phone, pour a glass of tea and sit outside to drink it, watch that movie even though it's already 9pm. In the slowness, listen to God and watch Him work. Connect with the people around you even if you've never met them before.

That's my routine for this summer. What's yours?


  1. I've struggled with feeling guilty for not working right now, even though I have a million reasons to justify my unemployment (and the fact that Dan is 100% supportive of it). I find myself trying to find little busy projects and things to keep myself "going" just so I don't appear to not be doing much of anything, but I realized recently that I shouldn't do that to myself so much. I need to enjoy the quiet time, the time where I have nothing to do, and fill it with simple pleasures like reading, without feeling guilty. When else will I have this time again? I need to appreciate the slow moments.

  2. I've reallllllly been craving a good cinnamon roll lately. :)

    This year is much different than all the summers in my past. Normally summer is the crazy time at work so I'm working non-stop... This year with our little guy here I am lucky enough to stay home a lot more which is great, but my husband still has to work a crazy amount. :( I am hoping to get outside and enjoy my first summer with a baby though. :)

  3. A beautiful challenge for this summer! Love it, Victoria!

  4. "In the slowness, listen to God and watch Him work."

    This is why quiet time is so important to me. Moments like that are precious!


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