The Circle: Summer Staples

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Summer is my absolute favorite season!!!! I love everything about it...When Kiki announced that The Circle would be all about our summer staples, I knew that my list would have to include these things that I've documented over past summers:

* Planting Day

* Ice Cream

* Geocaching - Bonus points if it's a new city!

* Tending My Cutting Garden

* Harvesting Vegetables

* Summer Reading - Ever since I discovered them, my list almost always includes something by Packer and something by Fitzgerald. Check out this year's list HERE.

* Beach Days - Bonus points if my west coast self makes it to the east coast!

The list could go on and on! It's so very easy for me to settle in and bounce from one joy to the next during the time of year when the sun warms my skin and brings the earth to life all around me. I'm so glad God created summer!

What are some of your summer staples?


  1. I love that so many of your staples are not just nouns, but verbs. Such a great idea and way to make sure some of your (and my!) favorite summer activities get done. :) Especially beach days!

    Thanks for linking up and happy summer!

  2. Ice cream! And my summer staple... Strawberries!

  3. I could read Gatsby again and again!

  4. Summer IS such a great time! Glad you are soaking it up and enjoying it! :)

  5. Our family didn't plant a garden this year because my sister's wedding was right in the middle of planting season, so we just had waaay too much going on. I am definitely sad about it now that there are no veggies to harvest :( Love your list!! Summer is such a great excuse for ice cream, isn't it? :)

  6. Geocaching is so much fun! Definitely a great summer activity. Also summer reading and beach days -- especially when those two are combined! And the ice cream. :)

  7. Love those flowers. They are magnificient.


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