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Thursday, December 19, 2013

What midnight looks like...

Hello, ladies!!! How's life?

A week ago today I was just getting started on a little getaway. The premiere of The Desolation of Smaug was the catalyst for several days of Christmas shopping. I knocked MOST of it out. There were two items I NEEDED to find, which I found NOWHERE. I'm sure that Amazon will be more than happy to solve all those problems. 

On Monday I headed off to deliver a kitten to his new home. I have been TERRIBLE about taking pictures lately. I need a chaufeur. (This is the part where my Mom says I need a husband...)  There were trees and fog and it was GORGEOUS. But, I needed to keep my eyes on the road and I wasn't about to pull over. 

My next stop that day was to see my friend Heidi and her family. We crocheted the day away, cleaned her kitchen, broke a plate, and laughed until it hurt. Her daughter and I colored and practiced letters (she picked them up FAST). 

Yesterday evening I got to spend some time with Alice. I have been TERRIBLE about visiting her this year. She's 90 now and healthy as ever. When I got to her house she was cutting out sugar cookies. She must have had at least 10 dozen cookies ready to decorate. After a while we moved into the living room. Her gold tree stood by the window in all of its glory while she told me the Christmas story again. 

Though she has been around, Alice is not "old". Her eyes are failing her and she moves a little slower, but everything else works just fine. Years ago she memorized Matthew and Luke's account of Christ's birth and she tells them like she was THERE. 

That doesn't quite explain my absence lately, but now you know what the last week's highlights have been! 

By this time next week, the wrapping paper will be torn off and Advent will be over. We'll be getting ready to say goodbye to 2013 for good. But now is the time to enjoy these last few days leading up to the big celebration! 

Wherever you, whoever you're with (or missing like crazy), make some good memories! Enjoy what's yours because of all that Jesus became for us and share that JOY with those around you....

After all, tis the season!

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