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Friday, June 08, 2012

This week was a week to stay inside. It was rainy, cold, and pretty windy. There have been a few evenings where the sun decided to show its face. The colder weather meant some different kinds of foods coming out of the kitchen, board games, and reading. 

Oh, before I go any further, you should know that I am guest posting today!

Hop on over to Anne Katherine's blog to check it out!  
*Monday I tried out another way to fix pork chops...It involved a crockpot, green peppers, onions, cheese, and tortillas. The result was some awesome fajitas and six less pork chops in the freezer! 

*I took quite a few pictures of the "angry" skies this week. The clouds, greys, and dreariness were  captivating. 

*My afternoons were spent in a place I don't frequent very often - the hospital. It's strange to think about what life holds for people who really aren't that far away. It was like another world up there...People coming and going about what is totally "normal" for them. 

*My flowers seem to be enjoying this cooler weather. They are still looking really nice. 

*The evenings have been spent playing board and card games.We pulled out some old favorites. After so many rounds of Spoons my wrist is actually bothering me...What is that about?  

*This week, God was speaking to me a lot. I have been reminded about being BOLD and CONFIDENT in Him. I have nothing to fear. I have promises to hold onto. In Him are peace, joy, and rest. Walk by faith, ladies, that's what this is all about.  

*I had some good conversations this week about God's work in the lives of His people...I love how God pours into you and then gives you opportunities to pour right back into the lives of others! 

* The remains of my crockpot pork chop fajitas...Clearly, we'll be eating them again!
*Grey skies and the wind in the trees.
*This was a "sunnier" moment from yesterday evening. The clouds cleared and it got brighter.
*A lovely pot of Clam Chowder. 

Everyone keeps reminding each other that is indeed JUNE. 
How's the weather been where you live? 

*Looking out my window: Judy Garland rose that smells amazing.

Happy weekend to you!

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