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Sunday, June 03, 2012

*This weekend began with a trip to run some errands. The sewing machine repair shop, a nursery, the mall, and of course, some ice cream! 

*That evening, I grabbed the machine and the pieces of a project I was working on when the machine "broke". With the help of my Mom, I have a new case for my sunglasses. I am VERY excited and absolutely love it. 

*I'm already dreaming (and making a list) of other small, quick projects that I want to do now that the machine is running again. 
*Chocolate peanut butter ice cream.
*SOME of the flowers all loaded up.
*The finished case for my sunglasses.
*Mother Dearest hard at work.

*I spent basically all of Saturday in the yard. I was dumping flower pots, filling flower pots with fresh soil, planting flowers in the pots, doing a little bit of weeding, planting flowers in the ground, making notes of all that I planted, and cleaning up my MESS. 

*When I took my break, I even sat outside....It was a beautiful day because it wasn't too hot and there was a gentle breeze. 

*Fresh baked biscuits to start the day off right.
*A little bird in the garden.
*My favorite pot. It doesn't look like any of the others. 
*A little something my sister put together.

*Sunday, I was in the house working like a mad-woman to get ready for some friends who were stopping by for a few hours. 

*I do my best work under pressure and with an empty house...There was both. The food was ready, the house was clean, and company came. 

*I did get some bad news this weekend...An older friend of mine, Alice, isn't doing too well (health). Pray for her and her family, please. 

My heart is heavy for Alice and her family. My heart is happy because of things going on with some other friends and the excitement that summer brings. 

It is strange how life and death, joy and sadness, can come and go so quickly.

How was your weekend? What are your favorite things about SUMMER? 

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