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Monday, June 11, 2012

 This weekend was very refreshing. There was more rain and yet some sun too. I don't have a lot to say, but I'll warn you, I have LOTS of pictures to share.

* Friday I did a lot of visiting....I talked on the phone to my Dad and my brother and caught up on e-mails.

* I treated myself to some new polish on my toes too. A new color, not quite purple but not quite pink. I think it looks like summer.
"Plum Sorbet"

* I also pulled out the infamous Harry Potter books again. There is a lot of debate over these books. We read them when they first came out and it was no big deal. Now that I am older I want to read them again and see what I think. 

*Saturday was an exciting day! We made the trip to yet another plant sale. I came back with plenty of things to keep me busy this week.

A very pretty graden.
A closer look.
*Sunday the sun came out again and I took the opportunity to have my quiet time out on the back patio.

*The animals joined my quiet time. There is one kitten who loves books - I call him Keats. 

*Yesterday was the most relaxing Sunday that I have had in a long time. 

*I enjoyed puttering around the yard watering all of the plants and checking their progress.

* My shadow
*Blue skies
*Bible, check. Journal, check. Pen, check. Book, check.
*Keats doing what he does. 

*The whole "let's invade her quiet time" got a little out of hand...When I went in to get something to take pictures with, I came out to find my chair occupied. 

***I think you get the idea.
*The first sunset that I've been able to see for weeks. BEAUTIFUL! 

*Lydia came out and the cats disappeared for a while. She can read upside down. 

*In other news I am excited to say that I'm going to be taking an online photography class this week!

By now, I think you've seen it all.....What was the best thing you did this weekend?

Have a great week!

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