The Scenic Route...The Things of Summer

Monday, June 25, 2012

I have decided that over the next couple of months, I am going to use Monday's "The Scenic Route" posts differently. Instead of telling you about my weekend, I am going to use some of theses posts to tell you about some of the things of summer that I have been enjoying so far! 

Over the last month I have enjoyed a good deal of SUMMER already!

* Iced Coffee. I have The Pioneer Woman to thank for this. 

*Sweet tea. I have living in the south to thank for this.

* Road trips to visit friends.

* I have officially put out the summer nick-knacks... The sea shells, summery candles, and red, white, and blue items are showing their faces again.

A rose from the new bushes we're adding to the yard this year.

A drug store find that has become the center of attention.

The Bible is open to Philippians 1:6

* Days in the park.

* Watermelon Icees.

* Cool mornings and HOT afternoons.

*Swim suit buying.

*Gardening. Weeding, planting, watering,  you get the idea.

A peek into one of the flower pots, blue flowers for my sister.

The craziest, prettiest flower of this year.

My effortless flowers that come back strong every year.

These make me smile.

*Laying out on the patio. Listening to podcasts, reading, visiting with whoever may be joining me.

*Wearing pretty skirts.

* Green wheat fields alongside the brown fallow fields.

*Going geocaching.

Same rose, a week later. See, I don't notice flowers again until they are GONE.

* Cooking out with friends.

*Perfectly warm, still, quiet evenings.

*Yard games - volleyball, basketball, speedminton, catch, whatever, let's do it. 
 * This porch swing....

One of my favorite spots of summer.

Everything is so GREEN and the sky is BLUE.
Summer is a time for change. A time for growing and going.

What things of summer have you been enjoyed this year?

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