Frankly Friday

Friday, November 16, 2012

Remember Monday? The day that began as one of THOSE days?

I got through it. I learned something from that day. As wrong as everything was going I wasn't "feeling" any worse for it. If anything, I was one more thing away from breaking down into some serious laughter. 

So, the fresh snow was turning to a slushy mess? meh!

So, my "caramel sauce" tasted great but looked nothing like caramel? meh! 

So, the dough for my cinnamon rolls looked like a continent and was dry and tough? meh!

So, it was after 11 before I was ready for the day? meh! 

So, the living room table was covered with crumbs and water rings and fingerprints from company the night before? meh! 

No big deal. 

All of that was just STUFF. For the most part, stuff does not bother me. Stuff is not eternal.

Now, people...People bother me. If I am not getting along with someone or if something comes between us...I am a MESS. Trouble with people is what gets me down. Not just down, but down right uneasy. 

It's a good thing, I think. Stuff is NOT eternal. People and relationships most certainly ARE eternal. 

God wants us to be uneasy when we're not right with people. He wants things to be right between us. 

This Friday, keep these things in mind:

Let STUFF go! Give a big "meh" and laugh and realize just how funny stuff going wrong is. 

Love people! Give a big care and prayer and work as you realize just how important people are. You may not be able to fix things with people. But one thing you can do is your part and move on if they're stuck on things staying strained. 

Thank God that He gives us grace to laugh at what doesn't matter. Thank God that He helps us grow to maturity as we deal with what matters very much.


  1. Preach it!
    Stuff is not eternal, people and relationships most certainly are eternal.
    I definitely needed to be reminded of that today! <3

  2. Great great GREAT post!! I just love people so much! The joke is becoming that I introduce myself and then immediately ask "can we be friends?" :) And when we were looking or a house my husband kept saying that he wanted a little bit of land and I was all "nooooo! I want people! I want neighbors!"

    People DO matter. Relationships matter. Stuff does not. Good things to thing on... pretty sure that's how it always is when I pop on over to your blog. :)


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