Through the Orchard

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Discovering a new place can be a lot of fun. Our little excursion a few weeks ago was no exception. 

The drive there was nice. I love driving in the rain and there was plenty of it. 

The closer we got, it kept getting warmer and the rain was clearing up.

There were little details everywhere. And everyone seemed to be having a great day.

Because of the cold, we heard that it was a slower day. I was grateful for that. 

This little pumpkin was one of many sitting on these cute little green tables. People were gathered around them eating fresh pumpkin donuts and drinking hot apple cider. I'm not really into the "pumpkin everything" craze, but these donuts were awesome.

There were bins of apples ready for us to make our own apple cider. This was my favorite part of the day.

All because of this old man who was running the station. He taught us everything we needed to know, helped us when things weren't quite working right, and provided me with a great conversation.

I learned a lot about the farm and his family.  I now have a reason to go back in just about every season of the year.

I've made fresh cider before but never quite like this. It worked out very well and there really aren't ANY chunks in the cider we brought home.

See that face? He's started making it lately. I'm not really sure what it is. I do know that it's a smile and not a grimace. What I don't know is where it came from.

A little team work goes a long way. These two have always made a great team! I'm very thankful for that. :)

These little patties come out of the press. It's basically really dry pieces of apples.

We didn't get too wet. We didn't get too cold. We didn't get lost. 

I am reminded that wherever we go, God is with us. You see, we stopped off for lunch on our way. Being in a new area, it took us a little longer than it should have to actually get our food. I was feeling a little bit anxious because of the time that we lost. We had lost even more time because we left the house an hour later than we had planned.

Well, as soon as we got back onto the road after lunch, we realized that traffic was backed way up and STOPPED. Turns out, there was a pretty bad wreck up the road. I cannot know when that wreck actually happened. 

Perhaps our delays kept us from being a part of it?


  1. Apple patties!! So funny! Now I want some cider... Yum!

  2. God is always at work in the details of our life! Praise God for your safety and the beautiful day that your family had!

  3. Oh that makes me want apple cider sooooo bad! I LOOOOVE me some apple cider!

    So glad you stopped by my blog! Hope you visit again... to answer your question the gray dog in that picture is a Labradoodle and and he is one of the sweetest dogs ever!!


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