Fall Etsy Swap Reveal

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Last fall AMY and MEGAN hosted their first ever Etsy Swap. I absolutely love taking part in blogger swaps, but since I had just done the mug swap, I had to wait. Then, they announced that they would be doing another one in the spring and I made sure to sign up (you can read about that HERE). They're at it again!

* * * * *

On September 22, I found out that Brittney over at The Yellow Umbrella was my partner.  I looked through pretty much every post on her blog (admitting that is definitely weird), clicked around on her pinterest, and studied her shop

Whenever I've taken part in blogger swaps, my partner always ends up reminding me of someone I know. Shopping for Brittney was pretty much just like shopping for my sister. In other words, it was super fun!

Here's what I sent: 

* Yellow pencil pouch from Jane Hayden Designs - Brittney LOVES yellow and this is really cute and practical.

* Owl notepad from boygirlparty - Brittney mentioned that she liked owls and that her style was bright and modern.  I love notepads but almost never buy them for myself, so I thought this might be fun.

Note card set from wit & whistle - I thought that these fit Brittney's "eclectic" side and would be perfect for any occasion. 

* French Roast and Blueberry Cobbler Coffee from New England Coffee - My Mom suggested adding some coffee to Brittney's package. The French Roast was in honor of her love of Paris and the Blueberry Cobbler was because the people who introduced me to New England Coffee claim that as their favorite special blend.

Brittney, I hope you enjoy your goodies as much as I enjoyed shopping for them! I'll admit, I went through a bit of frustration hunting for the last few items to (the cards and owl notepad were the last to be ordered), but once the package came together I decided that it was PERFECT.

* * * * * 

On October 8th, I received my package and found out that it was Krista (be sure to check out Krista's shop HERE) who had been "stalking" me! She included a really sweet note with all of the goodies and did an EXCELLENT job on her mission to find things that I would love. 

It just so happens that the mail that day was EXTRA awesome, because I also got a letter from my Post to Post pen pal, Amy

In the note that she sent along, Krista explained that she noticed how much I love books and reading so she decided to do a book theme. She did a great job at her homework!

Look at all the purple, and the pens and pencils, and the paper, and that pencil pouch! Everything right down to that little pumpkin pin brought a smile to my face!

How about some close ups?

The shops featured in my package were: Silke Jacobs and Meow Kapow. I don't know where the Fortune Fish came from, but my Mom knew exactly what to do with it. We had laughs with it right away and Krista even admitted to playing with it before she sent it my way!

Krista, thanks again for putting together a package full of things that I would love! I hope you had as much fun with the Etsy Swap as I did. :)

Amy and Megan, you're both awesome for putting this swap together and answering our questions along the way! Thank you hardly seems like enough for all the the time and work that goes into hosting a swap. :)

* * * * *

And since you're all here, I wanted to highlight one more shop before you go! My friend Monica from Prince Snow Farm recently threw a giveaway featuring items from her Etsy shop and I WON! 

 If you are looking for QUALITY cards that come with the cutest packaging and beautiful images on the front, you'll want to get them from Monica!

Thank you, Monica! They're gorgeous. :)


  1. I am so glad you enjoyed your package! It was super fun getting to know you and shopping for you. I look forward to reading more of your book reviews.

    Those are some pretty cards you won!

  2. ahhhh!!
    i love what you sent AND received!
    sooo sooo soo cute! and you did such a good job getting to know your partner!
    AND I LOVE the book theme!

  3. i love what you sent & what you got!!! ahh that bag you got! so adorable!! love it!

  4. Isn't the Etsy swap just the most fun?!?!?! It's definitely my favorite swap of any I've participated in!

  5. This is so cute! You both did a great job!

  6. This is so nice! Both packages look so fun to receive!

  7. fun mail is the best! I love the aztec pencil pouch so darn cute! I need me one of those! Those note cards from your friends shop are beautiful! So maany Etsy shops to check out!:)

  8. I love that she did a theme!! What a clever idea. And I LOVE that you sent coffee!!!! Lady after my own heart. Fabulous job!


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