The Scenic Route: We Made It

Monday, October 27, 2014

Over the weekend, we finally made it to the pumpkin patch! It was a perfect fall day with a a mix of rain and sunshine. We worked our way through the corn maze, my brother and sister used the apple sling shots, we meandered through the orchard, drank hot apple cider, and ate a few pumpkin donuts (which my sister won by shooting an apple through the middle of a donut shaped target)!

The corn maze is by far my favorite. I love trying to find your way around, ending up right back where you started, and running into people that have gotten themselves in the same mess you're in. There's just something about vacationers that turn an ordinary place into somewhere special...That same magic happens in a corn patch full of people all bundled up and ready for a little bit of fun.

The day ended with the sighting of a rainbow. As we were looking at it we realized that we could see the whole thing and then that there were two. As people were rushing to get into their cars because of the rain, I walked until I could get both ends into a picture with my camera. A lady walked up behind me with a camera of her own and said, "I love it when it's like this!"

Me too, lady! Me too.

 I love days spent with my family. I love corn mazes and cider and donuts and contests and rainbows. These are some of the good gifts that God gives us. Let's thank Him!

How was your weekend?

Did you make it to a pumpkin patch this October?


  1. Ah, this looks like such a fun day!! I really want to go to a corn maze now…hopefully I'll be able to do that before it snows too much! And you and your sister look so much alike :-)

  2. what a fun day! :) we did a corn maze on saturday too!! love them!


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