I Have a Sister

Thursday, October 09, 2014

I'm writing this post on October 1, but it's not going to be posted for at least a few days...

Today my sister came into my room when she got up. I was working on some pictures for this space, trying to get my editorial calendar in order, and attempting to get a post ready. She settled herself into my reading chair and turned the space heater towards her. We talked for a while and pretty soon, I was all wrapped up in my laptop. She grabbed her tablet and continued to hang out. 

Then the monologue started...She had a million things to say and yet I was barely even comprehending the words coming out of her mouth. She gave me a frustrated look and went to find someone who would pay attention to her. 

When I finished up my work, I went to look for her. We both had some free time today and she had been trying to ask me if we could spend it together. My sister is all about "sister time", I like to think it's because I have always tried to build relationships with my siblings as individuals, but I have a feeling she's done a lot of the work too! 

It is so easy to neglect the people closest to us. Having a sister who cares about our relationship is not something I take for granted. We put the distractions aside and took some time to just BE today and it was great. 

We played Ticket to Ride (she stomped the PANTS off of me). We chatted. We took her truck to town and walked around  to check the mail, grab milkshakes, and pick up some books at the library. We stopped by the office to visit/help our Mom and had a conversation across the street with Jay. 

I tripped and nearly cracked my head open on a bench...She laughed so hard that I think everyone in the bank heard her. We chatted with Mary as she made our shakes and gave Marilyn a hard time before we looked for our books. I learned her hopes for the weekend as we visited with Julie. 

We've made trips to town a thousand times. When she was a baby, I'd load her into the stroller. When she was a toddler I'd end up carrying her on my back while I pushed our brother in the stroller until I realized that the jogging stroller would hold both of them and make things much easier. When she was a little girl we would walk hand in hand and take our time. When I got my license, our sister days would include trips to our favorite chinese buffet and the movies. 

We've made trips to town a thousand times and these trips have faced gradual changes that have brought us to where we are today. Whatever we do, wherever we are, these trips are about being together. They're about looking at life and listening to each other's hearts. She's just a few inches shorter than me now, she has her own unique style, she has gifts and passions that are so much different than mine, and these sister days of ours have helped us to make it through this change with a bond that didn't just happen. 

As we drove home in her truck today , I began to think about what life will be like years from now....It made me so happy to know that I will have these days to look back on. 

I have a sister and I love her more than she will ever know.

* * * * * 

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  1. this is so sweet! :)

  2. Awww... I love this! It really makes me wish I lived closer to my sisters.

  3. This was a sweet post. And I love your picture of the green grass. It makes me want to run through the fields or walk with a good friend.

  4. Oh, Victoria!! This was a PRECIOUS post and brought me to tears! What a sweet union of souls....you and your sister. She is beautiful, and so are you. The fact that you love Jesus shines through here on your blog. I am so thankful you linked up with Susannah and left a comment on my blog, so I could "meet" you. So grateful to read your sweet words. Always stay so close to Jesus and in tune with His will...you are a shining reflection of His light. Keep in touch! Much love, Cheryl


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