The Scenic Route: Rainy Tuesday

Friday, October 17, 2014

All pictures taken October 14, 2014

Tuesday was rainy. The sky was dark and moody all day. The main sound coming from outside was the constant drip, drip, dripping that is produced by a slow and steady drizzle. It was wonderful.

There was work to be done, tea to drink, and soup leftovers to reheat for lunch.

Just before dinner we headed out to Jessica's pumpkin patch. I didn't bring my camera and I took exactly ZERO pictures. It was just rainy and cold and kind of fun to look through the patch while Jessica worked at harvesting something nearby. We chose five regular pumpkins and three pie pumpkins.

Driving through the countryside on rainy days is wonderful, especially with a car full of people eager to chat about their day.

I came home and grabbed my camera to take some shots of that rainy Tuesday. As I went around taking pictures, I was reminded about how very quiet fall is, especially on the rainiest of days. There were no birds singing, no children playing, no dogs barking. Everyone must have been inside resting or watching TV or maybe even playing board games.

The time came for me to leave the quiet behind and head back into my own house. We had breakfast for dinner (biscuits, sausage, and stewed apples, in case you're wondering). We watched the next episode of Downton Abbey. And that was Tuesday.

Tell me about the day you loved most this week! I'd love to hear about it. 


  1. This was lovely. I love the sound of rain dripping and the smell. One of the many reasons why I love fall. And breakfast for dinner who doesn't love that!

  2. It is hard for me to pick one particular day that is my favorite....any ORDINARY day is my favorite days of all. I have come to appreciate an ordinary day above all others, after having to live through so many that were far from ordinary and so stress-filled and hard to get through. Every ordinary day is precious to me...I am never bored. Always grateful for life and a day without trauma. God is so good! I enjoyed your pictures. :)

  3. Potentially dump question: what's the difference between a "regular" pumpkin and a "pie" pumpkin? I kind of love days that are dark and rainy :) Sounds like fun!

  4. Such pretty pictures for a rainy day! Also, I am WAY behind the times because I definitely did not realize that Downton was back! How have I missed this?!

  5. uh LOVE the rainy days!! you captured it beautifully!
    sounds like you made the absolute BEST out of a rainy day!


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