They Will See His Face

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

September 5, 2010

I enjoy chocolate, good literature, candles, holidays, and games, but what I enjoy most on this earth are the people that God has filled it with. And as much as I love them and dream of a day when we will all be together in one place, there's something even better for me to look forward to, namely, heaven.

I look forward to heaven not because of the people that will be there with me, but because, it is in heaven when I will be in the perfect presence of God with the ability to see and savor Him forever.

When a quiet Sunday hits, I need to have a week full of busy Mondays spent contemplating heaven to look back on. When a quiet Sunday hits, my soul needs to have been dwelling on the time when I will be in the presence of God forever. That is my reward and the essence of every hunger in my heart.

As Jonathan Edwards put it:
 "Labor to get a sense of the vanity of this world...
Labor to be much acquainted with heaven."

Times haven't changed. Our souls need to be continually about the work of being glad that the vanity of this life thrusts us into the eager anticipation of the inheritance that God is keeping for us in heaven.

Christian, live each day knowing that you will see His face. Remember that His very presence is so much more than anything you've ever longed for.  Spend all of the days, especially the best ones, contemplating heaven and eagerly anticipating being there. THAT helps when a quiet Sunday doesn't.

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  1. Anonymous11:52 AM

    This is a great reminder to be aware of our perspective. We should spend our days eager for heaven! It's so easy for me to lose sight of the eternal when I'm elbows deep in my "now." I loved reading this.


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