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Friday, October 03, 2014

September 22, 2014

To become you must behold...

I want to be a Christian whose joy in God is real and deep. Being that kind of Christian means that I know Him and that I am becoming like His Son who trusted and obeyed Him with all that He was.

In order to know Him, I must behold Him in His Word. The miracle of sanctification (becoming like him) happens as I come into contact with that Word.

Over and over again I've been hearing:

beholding is becoming
study your Bible
God makes Himself known through His Word

And slowly but surely, I watch and see that this is true. Our problem is sin. Sin enslaves and blinds and lies. God is the only one who can beat sin. Unless we are submitting ourselves to God and His Word, our supposed "fight" against sin is a vain one.

Oh, we may overcome it, but only in our own strength. Our strength fails eventually....But God's strength never fails. The strength we get from Him is a strength we can always count on.

"The source of your fire is God and He is always burning." Dr. Paul Jehle

Warm yourself by that fire, Christian. Behold your God in His Word and join Him in burning with the fire that is fueled by His glory. If you do one thing this fall, let it be this: stay in the Word. 

What are you studying in the Bible right now? 

What "one thing" has God been teaching you about over and over again lately? 


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