Living Coram Deo

Monday, December 29, 2008

-Chapter Two-

All about "God, My Heart, and Media", this chapter holds its fair share of issues. Craig Cabaniss speaks clearly when he challenges Christians to take discernment seriously in all areas of their lives. 

This chapter specifically deals with visible media: magazines, TV, internet, movies, theatre, and even person to person communication. Christians must consistently and actively hold everything to the Word of God in order to determine wether it pleases God. 

This life long task is not done legalistically, because it is not rooted in a desire to gain or earn God's favor. Rather, it is done in love with a desire to have more of God and live like it. The grace God bestows upon salvation is the source that lives on and manifests itself in God-pleasing lifestyles. 

I came away from this chapter with one broad thing:

I need to take time to evaluate both the quality and the quantity of my media involvement. 

I leave you with one quote from the text:

"Watching coram Deo leads to acting coram Deo." 

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