Praying in 2009

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

At Bethlehem Baptist Church, it is time to focus on prayer and more specifically the personal prayer life of each person. This is a topic I greatly enjoy and I look forward to the messages that John Piper gives during this time.

I recently listened to the message: "Put in the Fire For the Sake of Prayer". I came away from this message with this:

"1) Set aside a time and a place to pray each day - and do not leave this to chance. The devil defeats most praying before it happens because we didn't make a plan.

2) Combine your praying with reading the Bible. Take what you're reading and turn it into prayer.

3) Pray in concentric circles (i.e. begin praying for yourself, then your family, then your co-workers, your church, the global Church, lost sinners worldwide, politicians, etc. etc.) Include the basics of the Lord's prayer as you pray for each circle."

I also came away with these points:
  • Do not let good things keep you or distract you from prayer.
  • Recognize there is room for improvement in my prayer life.
  • Improvement is needed- God's glory is at stake.
  • Prayer is a weapon, tool, and a huge essential of my life as a Christian, I must not let satan keep me from it!
This year, I want to stop focusing on my weaknesses and begin focusing on becoming a praying person dedicated to God. Yes, fruitfulness is important; but fruit without heartfelt dedication is worthless. Prayerfulness must come first, or my fruit is rotten!
2009- A year for prayer!

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