What I'm Into: January 2015

Friday, January 30, 2015

January 4, 2015

After spending new years with friends in Georgia and then Epiphany with my Aunt Linda, the rest of January had a hard time competing! I'm thankful that winter hasn't been too harsh, because that probably would have done me in.

I have sooo much to tell you....I haven't been able to figure out where to begin, but let's start here with something familiar!

What I'm Watching

The House of Anubis obsession continues.

Downton Abbey provides a nice break on Monday nights.

We watched Glory Road the other night and laughed at the the spots we always laugh at. That movie never gets old! 

I'm looking forward to watching Brigadoon and finding a new show too! I mean, we're almost to the end of House of Anubis. Any suggestions?

In the Kitchen

We hosted two birthdays, multiple dinner "parties" (that just means we have friends join us), and made a ham dinner just because I was in the mood for one.

Two of the new things that happened in my kitchen were:

This cake.

These muffins.

All of that cooking got me right back into the swing of things. I love working in the kitchen! What's the latest recipe you've tried and loved?

What I'm Reading

You can always check out my goodreads!

I'm currently reading The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, "A Severed Wasp", and "At Home in Last Chance". 

Next up is "All the Light We Cannot See" with Read It. In case you're wondering, Read It is a goodreads book club and you should definitely join us! Click HERE to learn more.

On the Blog

I shared my word three words for 2015. Who knew a trip to the south could teach me so much?

We played another round of Ask & Answer! You can always e-mail your questions or leave them as a comment (even in this post!!!).

Mondays and Downton Abbey and Martin Luther King Jr.  made for a good chat. 

We're never done talking about books around here! This is what my Bible reading plan looks like and this is a reading challenge I'm tackling this year.

And now...I've got a big redesign scheduled to be launched in just a few days. Consider yourselves warned! I hope I love it and more importantly, I hope that you love it! My goal is to make this space more enjoyable to read and easier to navigate.

What are you into? 

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  1. So, I commented this in Goodreads too, but I don't think I'll get that book any time soon. I'm #97 in the queue! What the heck? So bummer on that. I clicked on that muffin link, and YUM! I will need to make these! I think Jordan will like them.

  2. You were busy but it look like you had a blast.

  3. oh i am just in love with your nails! ;) sounds like a fun and eventful month!

  4. That sunset! Oh my! God is an amazing artist. :) And I love your nails! Sparkly! :)

  5. Your photos are always so beautiful…you're so talented, friend!! I love your nails, too :-) I want so much to love Downton Abbey, but I haven't been able to get first the first episode. Sigh!

  6. I'm still soo behind on Downton. Have you watched any of the Paradise?

  7. I'm loving Downton too, though for us, its Sunday nights. Love that Madeleine is your favorite author - mine too!! I loved Severed Wasp--I read it several years ago. Have you read Walking On Water? My favorite book in the world besides the Bible, that one! :) I also like the idea of your 'ask & answer' series. I'll throw a question out for you: What inspires you? Found your blog through Leigh's linkup--thanks for writing!


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