A Month of Saturdays: June 2015

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The four Saturdays in June went by with a whole lot of fanfare!!! We've had one of the hottest Junes I've ever experienced  which seemed to get everyone into the summer spirit right away. We kicked off June by taking my brother to get his learner's permit and having0 lunch at my (our?) favorite Mexican restaurant! As the "baby" in the family, his firsts are always our lasts, so both my Mom and I got a little teary eyed as we all walked out the door at the DMV.

Two weeks later, he had his first drive in Driver's Ed and my Mom and I geocached our way through town while he was out cruising. It was a beautiful day and we found all the caches we were after, plus one extra! At the second cache we were trying to find, our GPS systems were saying different distances. My Mom followed her machine and I followed mine. I found the cache and walked back to tell her, when all of a sudden, she said, "I found it!!!". I said, "Um....Did you TOUCH it?" (thinking that she had watched me find it and was now teasing me.) She said, "Yes! I touched it!!! Why?" And I said, "Well, I found it! And it was back over there where I just came from." So, then we both started cracking up and watched as we each found the one that the other had found. In all of our geocaching that has NEVER happened!

After we finished all of our caching, we decided to go through the store to get something to snack on. We settled on donuts, a chocolate malt for me, and chips and dip (BBQ with Cheese Dip) for her. We like to keep it healthy!!!! We took our snacks to the park that made it very easy to pretend we were in Savannah, GA for the next 45 minutes while we ate and read and tried not to read every perfect line to each other.

The last Saturday in June was peaceful. I got some blog work in (stuff I still haven't shared, even though I was planning to share it all right away), went through my weekly spit and polish routine, and really enjoyed the day.

June went by with a flurry of school and gardening and milestones. All of sudden we're in the middle of July, it's cooled way off, the wheat trucks are headed in and out of town with their bounties, and summer presses on!


  1. Ok, so I finally looked up geocaching and it sounds like so much fun! I'm so gonna have to do it soon.

    Aww, congrats to your little brother for getting his permit. :)

  2. Aww I remember how it was when my little sister was experiencing a lot of her firsts. They made me feel old and I'm only 2 1/2 years older, haha!


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