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Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Jupiter and Venus Align // June 30, 2015

It's been one of the hottest Junes ever and yet this month kind of went by without all of the regular festivities. My brother and sister are finishing up school, so we haven't done a lot of the extra fun stuff just yet. Last night, we went outside to admire the night sky and to witness Jupiter and Venus lining up. Did you see them?

My Dad's birthday was a hit with ribs, beans, broccoli salad, cornbread, and crockpot mac and cheese. Our Father's Day cook out was easy and a good day for all. We grilled hamburgers and I "made" BBQ beans and watermelon. Julie brought along potato salad and ice cream bars too. The sweet tea has been in steady supply, as always.

My brother has been taking driver's ed and is quickly improving! One day after class, we went into a little thrift shop that was HEAPED with stuff. We found two games that I've been looking for (Mille Bornes and Backgammon) and one that I didn't know I needed (Mise en Place which is a cooking trivia game) - for a total of $5!

They'll be finishing up school in another week or so and then summer will hit us in FULL force! Until then, you'll find me puttering around in my garden, reading a book, or cleaning something during the early evening hours. All of sudden it's July and time to link up with Jenna and Anne to talk about what I'm currently...

Craving: Fruit: salad, trays, salsa, smoothies, everything! Do you have a fruit salsa recipe you love? Also, these Italian Ices which are wonderful! We picked them up at Wal-Mart, just so you know. :) 

Grilling: Pork Burgers, Rib Steak, Top Sirloin ( I only used the steak portion of this recipe, plus I rubbed one side of the steaks with minced garlic), and T-Bone Steak. This grilling guide has been a huge help.

What I've learned so far is that for almost every food, you need to give the grill 12-15 minutes to heat up to 450-550 degrees. Once it's ready, you stick your meat on and in the case of steaks, pull them off before you think they're done (within 6-8 minutes for most cuts). I'm learning!

Listening: I've been studying Galatians this way and listening to John Piper's sermon series on it after I've studied each section.

Planning: A little vacation for July...So far, I've got a coffee shop, a Greek place, and a pizza place that I want to go to. Maybe I should start thinking about something other than food?!? :)

Decorating: I pulled out the summer decorations a few weeks ago! Now, I'm adding fresh cut flowers every now and then. Thanks to Jenna, I know how to keep them looking fresh.

What are you currently craving, grilling, listening to, planning, and decorating?


  1. Mango salsa is the yummiest!! And I'm still learning how to properly use a grill too! ha! Our complex has gas grills out in the yard areas and I'm always so impatient.

    Did you know that the alignment of Venus and Jupiter is actually what they call the 'Star of Bethlehem'? This hasn't happened again since Jesus was born! How cool is that!?

  2. Oh sweet summer time and grilling I love it! I have vacation in July too, ha ha it's always all about the stomach...always!

  3. So glad to discover your space through the Currently link-up!


  4. You need to change your name to Grill Master! Good for you! I love grilled food, but always wait on my hubby to do it for me. I'm hoping for a little vacation trip soon to the beach just for a day would satisfy me. I have to feel the sand between my toes and the salt air in my hair for it to feel like vacation. Seafood? That is always a good perk for beach trips. I haven't heard of two of those games. Must look up!

  5. I'm with Emily ^^ salsa is the best! YAY for your summer getting started soon! And for fresh cut!

  6. Oh my goodness, your dad's birthday dinner sounds like my favorite meal! Yum! Hooray for fresh flowers!! Maybe you can try to make a little festive blue, red, and white arrangement? I just shared one on my instagram!

    Where are you planning on vacationing to? I want to squeeze in one more little vaca for me and Lamar before summer is over, but I'm not sure if it will happen. I will have to live through you! :)


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