Sisters: A Guest Post

Thursday, July 02, 2015

Today, I bring you a guest post from my sister. I logged into my account last night to figure out what kind of posts I had drafted for the rest of the week. Sitting on the top of my draft folder, was this post, complete with pictures. So...Maybe I shouldn't post this, but I know it's one I'll enjoy looking back on. 

Hello to all of my Sister's readers! She left her account logged in, so I thought I would stop by and tell her how amazing she is. :-)


I am SOO glad that God chose us to be sisters. It is weird, as I have experienced a couple times, when you aren't here. Even when you are only gone for a couple hours. Sometimes I have some random fact to tell you that I learned in school or just want to know what you are up to and I have forgotten that you left.

I enjoyed making ice cream with you the other day and I hope that we get to do it a lot more throughout the summer. I love our little picnics that we have, the times we go get smoothies or lunch for no reason, or even just hanging out in your room simply enjoying each others' company without saying anything. 

You are AMAZING! I know that sometimes I act like you aren't, but you are and always will be by the grace of God and if it is His will. (I sure hope it is!!)

Hopefully one day we will actually get to take our imaginary road trip. And just so you know I like going places with you just for you - not so that we don't get lost. That is a fantastic added bonus though. :-D

Well....I better get my school done so that we can do some fun stuff later!!

Love you!

Your Sister


  1. Awww...this is SO sweet! What a dear girl you have as a sister! How very blessed you both are to have one another...sounds like you are the very best of friends. May you always stay this way. :)

  2. This is the sweetest! I wish I had a sister!

  3. This is the sweetest!! You guys sound like you have such a sweet relationship :-) I definitely enjoyed reading this!
    (Also, I'm with your sister...not getting lost is a huge bonus when you're travelling with friends/family who rock at directions!)

  4. Totally sweet. Your sister is so kind and what a fun surprise to find in your drafts! :) So glad you decided to post this and share it with us. I know we've discussed this before (and this won't be the last time, either!) but I love how much your whole family values FAMILY. It's awesome. :)

  5. That is absolutely precious! What a sweet sister letter! She clearly adores you! :)


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