What I Learned in June

Friday, July 03, 2015

June 14, 2015

* Rubbing alcohol takes sap out of clothes. I did have to apply a stain stick to it and wash it again because the alcohol left a ring where it was used on my khaki skirt. Just so you know,  I got sap on it YEARS ago. I washed and dried it, soaked it, and tried every treatment I could come up with, all to no avail. UNTIL now!!! ( The credit for this amazing discovery goes to my Mom via the internet!)

* A solvent is something that dissolves things. Makes total sense, but I never knew that! (via Al Mohler on The Briefing. You learn things in the most unexpected places!)

* Mary Higgins Clark was first published at 28 and she made $100 for that short story. Keep writing!

* Glenn Miller's career only lasted about 3 1/2 years. He got his start in the spring of 1939 and then he was killed in a plane crash in the fall of 1942. You never know what you can accomplish in the time you've been given!

* Sparkling Lemonade = YUM! Alice treated me to one of these after we finished pulling the flowers off of her family graves from Memorial Day. It was strange to accompany a 91 year old woman and realize that she has said goodbye to so many people whose lives here have all been lived.

Jamberry Accent Manicure - week 1

Jamberry Accent Manicure - week 2

* Jamberry nails aren't weird after all. Have you tried them?

* A capsule wardrobe is an excellent idea and I CAN do it! You can too, here's how!

What did you learn in June?

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  1. I posted mine yesterday. Thanks for the alcohol tip. Pine sap on clothes is a common occurrence around here.

  2. I just purchased some Jamberry nail stickers. I'm excited to try them. Any tips?

  3. My roommate won a Jamberry party before she moved out and I may end up hosting it in her place! I'm excited to see how that turns out!

  4. THAT SAP TIP. WHAAAAT?! and i've seen jamberry but haven't tried it yet. your nails are super cute! (and i too have been making sparkling lemonade. #feelingfancy) haha

  5. Good to know how to get sap out of clothes! It's those random little things that come in handy later! :)

  6. Good to know about sap!! I've never purchased rubbing alcohol in my adult life. I feel like I should someday? And your jamberry nails turned out gorgeous!


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