A Saturday At The Library

Saturday, July 18, 2015

While we were out shopping in the city last Saturday, I asked if we could swing by the library before heading home. My Mom and I went in while everyone else decided to go get some food and make some stops of their own. This turn of events meant that we had as much time as we wanted.

The little bookshop where they sell used books for a song and a dance was open, so that was our first stop. I found a little book of short stories by Herman Melville right away. As we continued looking through the shelves, a lady came with another cart and left it by the entrance. I wandered over and almost immediately my eyes fixed on "Fitzgerald". I turned to make sure that these books were allowed to be sold and then snatched it right off the cart without a second thought. My Mom settled on a copy of "My Antonia" because we keep hearing about Willa Cather, but neither of us has read any of her books. 

With our new treasures in tow, we headed into the actual library. I went in with a list of books on my phone. My Mom sat right down at the computer to look for whatever books she had in mind. After browsing my way through the shelves and coming up with NOTHING (all the books on my list were checked out), I went back over to have her work her magic with the computer JUST IN CASE something was not shelved yet.

When we both realized that none of the books we had hoped to check out were available, we started browsing together. I pointed out books for her, she found random books that looked interesting, and then I was reminded of a the next book in a series that I had been saving for later. She went to look for something and came back with the newest book in another series that I got hooked on this spring.

We walked out with a stack of books. When we got into the van, we looked through the loot and one of the books in the pile was one I never noticed as we were checking out. I said, "This one looks REALLY good!" And she smiled and said, "I'm going to read it, but I got it for you."

I love my Mother! And I absolutely adore slow Saturdays at the library with all the time we need to weave our way through the shelves looking for the perfect stack of books.

What's your library strategy?

What's your go-to genre? 


  1. This is so great! I'm on a book buying pause (no need to buy anything else we'd have to pack up!) and I'm aching to get settled in NY so I can order everything on my "to buy" list! ahhh!

  2. I usually go in with a plan and check online before I leave the house. I hate being surprised and not finding a book I want. I put what I want to read on hold...and then they all come in at the same time! That's happened twice this summer. I have to read quickly! The Children's Story is one we own. After you read it, watch the youtube video. They made a movie using James Clavell's daughter as the teacher in the story.

  3. Oooh, Little Bee is one of my absolute favorites! I hope you enjoy it! My library closes kind of early, so I'll check my Goodreads TBR list and then have them hold the book for me, or get on the waiting list if it's already checked out, both done online. And then I try to get there a little before closing so I can see what they have for sale because they're only 25 cents!

    What do you mean they "sell used books for a song and a dance"? Like, literally?!

  4. I used to browse the shelves at the library all the time and still do from rare time to time. But normally I cross reference my Goodreads with what our library has available at the moment and I put books on hold (we have a massive library system here in Memphis with multiple locations) and have them sent to the library closest to me. Then I walk into my library, walk to the front desk, check out my stack of books on hold, and then go on my merry way. Sometimes I miss browsing through the books, but to be honest, I'm not the best at picking out books. I'll like the cover and plot I read on the back so I'll check it out... then go home and not really enjoy the book. Goodreads does a good job of telling me if I really want to read a book or not. :)


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