Cleaning: Half of the Nutshell

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Good evening, ladies! I just got home from a day out. It was COLD, okay so it was 65, but I'm just not ready for that yet!

 I had a trip to the farmer's market and then some mexican food. I couldn't get home soon enough.

All afternoon I found myself looking forward to a cozy blanket and some hot chocolate. 

Are you a home body? I never was. That is, until the last few years when I decided that there is just something about HOME. Now, I am totally content to just stay put. I do get antsy, especially when it warms up, but I'd usually rather just have people over rather than go out. 

Whether I'm home alone or having people in, there is something very important to me: CLEANLINESS. It's a deal breaker. I can't handle slobs. To me, a clean space is welcoming and pleasant to be in, cleanliness (or lack of it) sets houses apart from homes.

This week, I was supposed to spend seven days with you helping you make a schedule of those things you decided NEED to be done, MUST be done, and the goals you set for yourself. 
When it comes to cleaning, figure out what works for you. 

I made two documents for you, but google docs isn't putting up with the formating. So, e-mail me and I will be happy to send the one you want your way! One is meant to be used weekly (at the beginning of each week, assign tasks to each day). The other is a "once and for all" type (every Monday you will always ________, every Tuesday you will always ____________, etc.). 

I find that setting a standard, figuring out what needs to be done to keep that standard, and then doing A LITTLE BIT EACH DAY works best for me. 

I love the idea of a "clean house day". But, in reality, then my house would only be clean one day a week. As it is, I tidy here a little there a little and for the most part it's always clean. 

Make a plan. Keep your charts handy. Make new habits. Enjoy a clean home! 


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