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Friday, October 05, 2012

Today, I want to encourage you to enlist the children in helping to make your house a home

(If you don't have children, keep reading, chances are, you just might have some someday.) 

Remember, on day one when I said that I have been helping people make their houses homes ever since I can remember? Well, that was 100% true. 

My Mom, my Grandmas, my Ghiddu, my Aunts, my neighbors, my friends moms. I have pretty much always enjoyed helping people with cooking, cleaning, organizing, and even pointless tinkering. I say pretty much always because I know that there were plenty of times when my Mom made sure that I helped even if I didn't want to. For the most part though, people just noticed my eagerness to help and took the time to TEACH ME TO HELP.

That is the key here. Children who respect you are eager to help they just need to be trained to be helpful. 

It begins with "folding" washcloths, "dusting",  setting the table, and putting away silverware. 

Pretty soon they can sort laundry, load the dishwasher, wash floors, and vacuum. 

Before you know it, they will be able to do everything you do as well as you do it. Eventually, they'll be able to do things you just can't do anymore! 

At 22 I am very grateful that my Mom took the time and PATIENCE to teach me all that I know. Yes, there were others who helped. But, mainly, it was my Mom. 

I think it was Scott Brown and his wife (I can't recall her name) that said this, "If you aren't willing to inspect, do not expect."

Teach your children to do jobs and make sure it is a job done as well as they are able. Tell them what you expect and hold them to it. 

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