Free Falling

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Most of the time get togethers do not happen unexpectedly. 

Once you have your lists made, figure out what you can do BEFORE anyone arrives

By getting as much as you can done before they come, you will be freeing yourself up to enjoy your guests while they are there. 

You won't be the crazy lady who never leaves the kitchen. Or the lady who is stressing everyone out because she has so many things to do. 

You'll be the lady who is ready. 


I've been feeling a tad bit guilty about just writing over the last three weeks. Sunday I gave you a few pictures. Today, I'm going to give you a few more! 

A few days ago, I realized that while fall is here, winter will be here before I know it. 

A nice neighbor decided to give us a bag of goods from his garden. Tucked inside was a simple note that read, "Enjoy! Jerry". Thank you, Jerry. The veggies have made their way into a soup and some salads so far. 

The skies are usually grayish. I study these trees each day. They're definitely changing.

So many colors and shapes. God cares about the details.

What is it about brick? Old or new. Crumbling, dirty, or faded. Walls, paths, sidewalks, or roads. There's just something about it.

Piling up. When I was running errands las week I saw several yards full of kids. They all had rakes and a pile of leaves. Some had rakes turned swords. Some were climbing up on the porch and letting out shouts as they prepared to jump into the pile.

Looking closer at a few crinkly leaves. No one appeared to be hurt. Just having a good time playing in the leaves....Or at least be inspired by the leaves. 
What does fall look like where you live? 

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